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New faith and healing TV show seeks participants

Published 16/01/2013 | 09:09

A NEW television programme focusing on faith and healing is looking for participants.

In a forthcoming program, scheduled for broadcast in April 2013, Kevin McCann will explore the many aspects to this amazing tradition, looking at the lives of the healers and the healed and exploring their understandings of what is it that enables cures to take place. The program will question faith healing and the power of ' the Cure'. Is it seen still as the power of God or more the power of oneself ? How does one become a healer? Are you 'chosen' to have the power? Is it an untapped resource in all of us or a unique gift handed down through the generations? In a world where modern medicine is a big industry, how have these cures managed to stand the test of time?

Throughout Irish cities, towns and villages, whether acknowledged or not, live the healers, and the healed, with daily experiences of cures for sickness and pain, cancers, mental illness's and degenerative conditions. This uncelebrated tradition has been part of our society for hundreds of years, and remains active today despite the evolution of our current medical model of health.

Maccana Teoranta is looking for information from people who have had an encounter with a healer, who are healers, who have witnessed 'a cure' or who have another story to share. Please contact Maccana Teoranta at 38 Fontenoy St, Phibsborough, Dublin 7, phone Naoise on 087 6556121 or email

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