Thursday 21 September 2017

Mountain runner's new book

ANYONE who has gone walking in the Wicklow Mountains will know how exhausting a day's hike can be. Racing over 26 summits might seem difficult but not for mountain runner Moire O' Sullivan.

Moire is one of the few people to have completed the Wicklow Round – a mountain running challenge including over 6,000m of climbing and more than 100km, all to be done in a day.

Moire's book Mud, Sweat And Tears, just published, gives the pain of bloody blisters, the beauty of a mountain at midnight and an insight into why anyone would want to run up a mountain.

Moire first took on the Wicklow challenge in 2008 but was unable to finish. Now she says she's glad that happened as it makes finishing in 2009 so much sweeter. 'I feel proud for getting back out there after that difficult first attempt. I'm proud that I learnt from my mistakes.'

A self-confessed mountain-addict, Moire has won the Irish Mountain Running Championship twice, and was the first woman to win the IMRA 50 km Irish Mountain Navigational Challenge Series.

Moire's book is available online from Amazon and Smashbooks and is for sale at outdoor shops Basecamp and The Great Outdoors in Dublin.