Wednesday 26 April 2017

Mayor smarting over littered town report

MAYOR Mervyn Morrison has expressed his disappointment at seeing a fellow Town Councillor complaining to the national papers about Wicklow's appearance over Christmas.

He raised the matter at the beginning of Wednesday's budget meeting and his comments were aimed at Cllr. Gail Dunne, who wasn't present for the meeting.

Mayor Morrison said he was outside County Wicklow celebrating his brother's 70th birthday during the Christmas build-up when he happened to purchase a copy of the Irish Independent.

'I was disappointed to see one of our own councillors going to the national press about litter in the town. Lots of good things happened in the town during the build up to Christmas yet this was the only thing to appear in the nationals. I have to say that the town wasn't as badly littered as said in the national papers.'

Mayor Morrison added that the main problem was people using public bins to dispose of their own household refuse.

' There are people who don't have much pride in the town they are living in. Kilkenny has a great record in the Tidiest Town competition and a higher population there seem to have great pride in their town. The bins in Wicklow were full of domestic rubbish. If the bins were used for their proper purpose then there wouldn't have been a problem.'

He also said he would speak to Cllr. Dunne about the issues raised.

Town Manager, Michael Nicholson, agreed that people using public bins for their house hold refuse was an issue which the council would be tackling. 'Wicklow Town Council is effectively providing a free service because people are using public bins for their own household rubbish. We know several people who are doing it and we will be pursuing them.'

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