Josh is chosen to create reports on teenage views

Published 26/12/2012 | 16:35

Josh O'Connell from St. Kilian's Community College, Bray, with Orla Moule and Cara Devlin, from St Loreto College, Balbriggan.

BRAY secondary school student Josh O'Connell has been selected by BT to create a series of video reports on issues concerning Irish teenagers.

A group of eight teenagers selected have been given handy-cams to generate footage which is hosted on a dedicated Youtube channel.

In Josh's first report he tackles the topic of the recession.

'I won't have a job and I won't have any money,' said interviewee Luke O'Connell ( 11) when questioned on the topic.

Josh wondered if the young people of Bray are worried about the recession, and if there is a future here for this generation.

He interviewed fellow students and staff at St. Kilian's about their beliefs.

'I do worry about the recession,' said school Chaplain Tom Purcell. ''Not for myself but for my family.'

Ciaran Merrigan, manager of St. Fergal's FC and Josh's dad, believes that parents cannot afford to send their children to play football anymore, even though the cost is just €50.

' It's a frightening and worrying time,' said Josh's mother and youth worker Alison O'Connell.

'I don't want my children to leave this country.'

Watch all the videos on the BT Young-Scientists channel.

This initiative is being run in conjunction with the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2013 which takes place in the RDS from January 9 to 12.

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