Tuesday 23 May 2017

Give same-sex couples rights to adopt - Ferris


WICKLOW T.D. Anne Ferris, who was herself adopted, has called for legislation to allow for adoption rights for same-sex couples.

'I read with interest that a Northern Ireland High Court has deemed a ban on same-sex couples adopting unlawful,' said Deputy Ferris.

' The judge said that excluding persons from the whole adoption process on the sole basis of their relationship status, can only serve to narrow the pool of potential adopters which cannot be in the best interests of children.

'I welcome this verdict and this statement,' said Deputy Ferris.

'I believe that same-sex couples in the Republic of Ireland should also be allowed to adopt.'

As it stands under the Adoption Act 2010 a child can be adopted by married couples. The Adoption Authority may also allow a single person to adopt if it is desirable, while of course putting the welfare of the child as its first and paramount consideration.

'However, it is not possible for unmarried couples to jointly adopt and I believe that legislation should be introduced to address this anomaly. As an adopted person, and a mother of three, I know that all that matters is that a child has a loving family that can look after their child's needs.'

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