Saturday 25 March 2017

Full yard of 733 sheep at Ashford Mart

ASHFORD Mart experienced a full yard of sheep at last Monday's Sheep sale, with 733 sheep on offer and an almost complete clearance.

615 lambs were for sale and met with a good trade, especially for the in-spec factory lambs. These sold generally from 40 -45 with the weight, with a top price paid of €48 over €1/Kg. These were very nice lambs weighing 52 Kg selling @ €100. However there was a lively trade for in spec ram lambs for the live trade.

Forward Stores were in demand for further feeding and met with a steady trade, making from €33 to €42 with the €1/Kg. Some prices achieved included 43Kg at €85 ram lambs and 43Kg wether lambs at €85.50.

The lighter store lambs sold from €52 to €70, with the majority making €28 to €34 with the €1/Kg.

Cast ewes sold well, with the heavy ewes meeting a strong trade, selling to €76.5.

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