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Feuding ex-neighbours are sentenced for affray

Published 28/11/2012 | 08:50

A NUMBER of feuding neighbours received prison sentences for a row outside their Ardmore Park Homes in Bray on the night of March 4 2011.

Alan Horan (43) formerly of 19 Ardmore Park, Bray, was charged with affray and the production of a golf club during the course of a dispute.

He was sentenced to a month in prison and a fine of €635 for affray. He was further fined €500 for production of the golf club.

Eugene Hannon (52) 20 Ardmore Park was sentenced to one month in prison and fined €635 for affray, while his son Ian Hannon (26) received the same penalty for affray. Anne Marie Horan (44) the wife of Alan Horan, was fined €635 for affray, however, received no custodial sentence.

' This was ignorant affray,' said Judge David Kennedy after hearing all the evidence. He heard that a fight broke out between the parties in their gardens on the night in question.

There had been long-standing bad feeling between the two families for a number of years, originating over a tree on one property blocking light to another.

Gardaí were called to a disturbance at the houses on the night in question. The Hannons had guests over for a dinner party, which the Horans say was disturbing them.

Alan Horan bounced a basketball against the window of the Hannon house to get their attention. A scuffle arose, during which Eugene Hannon broke his leg. Alan Horan denied vaulting him over the wall and jumping on his leg.

Horan admitted getting a golf club from the house, however his mother-in-law persuaded him to put it back. All of the men involved said under oath, responding to questions from Inspector Declan McCarthy, that they had violence offered to them, and had returned with violence. Anne Marie Horan said that she had not offered violence to anyone.

'It's extraordinary that people who are neighbours could allow things to get so far,' said Judge Kennedy. 'All it takes is to sit down and work it out as adults. To call this animalistic is a disservice to animals. I have no doubt that there was provocation on both sides.' He added that while there was no doubt that Eugene Hannon's leg was broken it was unclear how it happened. 'I can't help thinking this is all going down to the civil case,' said the judge, adding 'I find his evidence singularly untruthful.' He said the matter would be left to the High Court to decide. All parties involved intend to appeal the decision of the judge at Bray District Court last Friday.

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