Friday 30 January 2015

Damien flies back into the wild after Hallowe'en shock


Published 24/10/2012 | 11:14

Marc Ruddock of the Red Kite Project releases number 666, now known as Damien, back into the wild yesterday (Tuesday).

AN AILING Red Kite found on the Co. Wicklow roadside was successfully released back into the wild.

The two year old male bird which is one of a protected species was detected by a member of the public on a secondary road near The Beehive last Thursday.

At first glance it appeared to be injured but when no marks were found its lethargy still posed concern.

Veterinarian Gillian Hicks and her team at Clover Hill Veterinary in nearby Glenealy assessed the bird which showed no signs of physical injury leading to the conclusion that it could have suffered some sort of shock.

Dubbed 'Damien' due to his Red Kite Project '666' tag number the bird was one of the batch released in Wicklow in 2010.

'There seemed to be nothing obviously wrong with the bird but it wasn't as energetic as it should be. Gillian and her team did a great job and took some samples for testing before handing it over to us,' said Marc Ruddock of the Red Kite Project. 'The bird was kept in a cage for a couple of days and monitored and today was raring to go,' he added.

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