Saturday 21 October 2017

Circuses with wild animals now forbidden in Wicklow


ADVERTISING circuses with wild animals is now forbidden in Wicklow town as is holding circuses with such animals in the town council environs.

At last week's meeting of Wicklow Town Council Cllr. Pat Kavanagh laid down a notice of motion sating ' that, in light of the well documented evidence of welfare issues and suffering by animals involved, Wicklow Town Council supports the introduction of by-laws or other measures which would ensure that circuses which use wild animals are prohibited from performing or advertising in any part of this local authority area.'

Cllr. Mervyn Morrison said he would have 'difficulty' supporting the notice of motion.

Cllr. Kavanagh said wild animals in circuses were ' treated very badly and as a civilised society we should be making a stand on animal cruelty.'

Cllr. Conal Kavanagh wondered if such legislation would be enforced.

Town manager Mike Nicholson admitted it would ' be a lot of work to enforce it' but said if passed by the members the council would alert the Environmental Section of Wicklow County Council.

Following a vote the motion was passed with the majority of councillors voting in favour. Cllr. Pat Byrne abstained from the vote while Cllr. Morrison voted against the motion. Cllr. Irene Winters wasn't present for the vote.