Tuesday 23 May 2017

Checking out the German markets!

STUDENTS AND staff from Wicklow Further Education Centre were able to carry out some pre- Christmas shopping at the beginning of December in an unusual place â?“ southern Germany.

The party of eleven, led by teacher Terry Riordan, had gone to Kempten in Bavaria to take part in a meeting of the BELL project. BELL is a Leonardo da Vinci (EU) project involving six countries in all, with the aim of furthering access to employment across international borders.

While the group enjoyed fun activities such as a trip to the Hindelang Christmas market deep in the snow-clad mountains, and another to the Bavarian Film Studios, there was also serious work done in finding out about the German work scene, including a tour of a state of the art water power generating station. The students learnt that Germany has moved very much towards promoting green energy.

There was also an opportunity to witness German-language job interviews, followed by comments (in English) from the managers involved.

The group also produced translations of interview transcripts and those studying Community Care found out about the employment scene for German care assistants. It was a productive meeting, rounded off with an opportunity to visit Munich's historic city centre on the last morning. In March 2013 Wicklow FEC hosts the next meeting of the project.

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