Thursday 27 July 2017

€40,000 donated to Tiglin centre


FORMER CHIEF Whip Pat Carey was the guest speaker at the Tiglin Rehab Centre's annual fundraising dinner held in The Radisson Blu in Stillorgan. Bentley Systems International Limited also generously donated €40,000 to Tiglin on the night, with an auction raising an additional €7,000.

Tiglin first opened its doors in Ashford in 2008, operating as a men-only centre. A large proportion of Tiglin's residents have been homeless due to addiction problems.

Tiglin currently have 24 males in their men's centre and 12 females in the new women's centre which was officially opened by President Michael D. Higgins in May. The women's facility was previously based in Kildare and moved to Tiglin in late 2011.

The connection between Tiglin and Bentley Systems came when a Tiglin graduate, Gavin, started doing voluntary work with them after he finished the course.

Manager of Tiglin Rehab Centre, Phil Thompson said, 'We are so grateful to Bentley Systems for their very generous donation. It will help the students of Tiglin enormously to improve their education, training and personal development.'

Karl, from Rathmines is an ex Tiglin graduate and spoke about how he managed to turn his life around after he encountered problems being accepted in school. This led him to dabble in low class drugs. By the age of 15 he was using heroin.

'A friend of mine asked me one day to go and meet with Tiglin representatives. There was no more running away. I had to accept what had happened to me and move on with my life. I went through the process at Tiglin and I am now in my final year of a four-year apprenticeship. I never finished anything but finishing Tiglin was a sense of "I can do this". It was breaking the mould of always giving up, always doing things and not seeing them through. It gave me a real sense of encouragement to go and finish things. Tiglin gave the courage to push through with my life and not turn back. There certainly is life beyond addiction,' said Karl.

Anyone wishing to donate to Tiglin can call (0404) 40010 or log on to and click on the donate button.

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