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Published 14/11/2012 | 11:09


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When you insulate your attic and walls it can give you savings of 50% or more on your annual heating bill and also reduce your carbon footprint. As the price of heating fuel ncreases every year it is ever more important that we try to heat our homes as efficiently as possible. If we can hold the heat inside our homes as long as possible then we don't need to burn as much fuel, therefore saving on our heating bill.


The right building materials and tools for the job are half the battle and at your local hardware store you'll have the benefit of experienced staff to advise you on all your needs. D.I.Y. is made a lot easier when you get the best equipment and the best advice.


Everybody has heard horror stories of cowboy builders and shoddy workmanship, but by and large Irish builders have a good reputation and in the current climate it should be reasonably easy to engage a good professional. But do ensure to check their credentials and insist on references from previous customers.


If you don't have access to a mains water supply you will need to drill your own well and install a pumping and filtration system. This is a very specialised area and to ensure the water is the best quality possible you need to enlist the help of an expert.


No matter how good the building work is, the finish is what will be seen first, so go for good quality paint and choose your colours carefully. Your local paint supplier will give you all the advice you need.

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