Tuesday 23 May 2017

Arklow to premiere hideaway horror


THE PREMIERE of director Andrew Wright's new film will take place in the Gaeity Cinema Arklow on Friday. Andrew Wright is an independent writer/director based in Wexford.

His recently completed short film titled ' Romantic Hideaway' is a co-production between his company, Miggins Films and Reel View also based in Wexford.

'Romantic Hideaway' is a film primarily about 'Love' but don't be lured into a false sense of security with the theme. Set on St. Valentine's Day, the story is about the dark obsessive side of love that climaxes with a twisted dénouement.

A disturbed, gynophobic loner, Norman, has a secret love, quite literally, and on St. Valentine's Day he's going to make sure that Elena stays with him forever. Realising that something terrible is about to happen to her, Elena summons the last of her fear fuelled adrenalin and fights back but in so doing leaves her freedom hanging just out of reach and sealing her own isolated fate.

A screenwriter, 'Romantic Hideaway' is Andrew's first 'official' role as Director and his next project, 'The Magic Bullet Theory' (pre-production) will see him combine both his skills and passions into the role of Writer/Director.

The film will open in GCG Arklow on Friday, November 23 and enjoy a week long run until Thursday, Nov ember 29.

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