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Published 07/01/2014 | 05:42


L.F.A. Junior Cup fourth round: Shamrock Rovers 4, St. Paul's (Artane) 3.

Wexford Cup first round: Fethard Rangers 2, Taghmon United 4; Ajax Athletic 'B' 1, Rosslare Rangers 2; Bunclody 4, North End United 'B' 2 (AET); St. Cormac's 4, Boolavogue 0; Rosslare Strand 4, Corach Ramblers 'B' 0; Castledockrell 2, Bree United 1; Curracloe United 'B' 0, Bridge Rovers 8; Gorey Rangers 'B' 2, Forth Celtic 3; Killenagh Wanderers 0, Ballagh 0 (abandoned after 13 minutes due to weather); Kilmore United 8, Camolin Celtic 'B' 0.

Premier Division: Courtown Hibs 3, Campile United 4; Curracloe United 2, Ajax Athletic 4; Ferns United 3, Wexford Bohemians 2; Gorey Rangers 0, North End United 4.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2: Gorey Celtic 1, St. Joseph's 4.

Division 4: Gorey Celtic 5, Courtown Hibs 3.

Division 5: Ferns United 2, Tombrack United 3; Rosslare Strand 0, Castledockrell 2.

(All other scheduled games were called off).


SUN. JAN. 12

Billy Browne Cup first round: Castledockrell v. Wexford Celtic 'B' (11.30); Gorey Rangers 'C' v. Coolgreany Celtic (2.00); Rathnure v. Camolin Celtic (11.30); Rosslare Rangers 'B' v. Fastnet Rovers (11.30); Caim United v. Shamrock Rovers 'C' (11.30); Ballymurn Celtic v. New Ross Celtic 'B' (11.30).

Billy Browne Cup second round: Crossabeg 'B' v. Enniscorthy United 'B' (2.00); Oylegate United v. Cushinstown (11.30).

Gwyn Jones Cup preliminary round (11.30): Duncannon 'B' v. Ballagh (11.30).

Gwyn Jones Cup first round: Curracloe United 'B' v. Rosbercon 'B' (11.30); New Ross Celtic 'C' v. Rosslare Strand 'B' (1.30); Ajax Athletic 'B' v. Shelburne 'B' (1.30); Caim United 'B' v. Corach Ramblers 'B' (2.00); Adamstown 'B' v. Stoney Rovers 'B' (11.30); St. Leonards 'B' v. Moyne Rangers 'C' (1.30); Raheen F.C. 'B' v. Taghmon United 'B' (2.00); North End United 'C' v. Forth Celtic 'C' (1.30); Castledockrell 'B' v. Tombrack United 'B' (11.30); Ferns United 'C' v. Bridge Rovers 'B' (1.30); Crossabeg 'C' v. Oylegate United 'B' (11.30); Rosslare Port v. Camolin Celtic 'B' (11.30); Gorey Celtic 'B' v. Kilmore United 'B' (11.30); St. Joseph's 'B' v. Killenagh Wanderers 'B' (11.30); Cloughbawn 'B' v. Enniscorthy Town 'B' (11.30).

Neil O'Sullivan Cup first round: St. Leonards v. Rosslare Strand (11.30); Wexford Bohemians 'B' v. Forth Celtic (11.30); New Ross Town v. Fethard Rangers (11.30); North End United 'B' v. Taghmon United (1.30); St. Cormac's v. Gorey Celtic (11.30); Corach Ramblers v. Forth Celtic 'B' (11.30); Rosslare Rangers v. Duncannon (11.30); Wexford Celtic v. Crossabeg (11.30); Cloughbawn v. Raheen F.C. (11.30); Shelburne v. Ferns United 'B' (11.30); Stoney Rovers v. Adamstown (11.30); Enniscorthy United v. Enniscorthy Town (11.30); Shamrock Rovers 'B' v. Tombrack United (2.00); Killenagh Wanderers v. Gorey Rangers 'B' (2.00); Kilmore United v. Bridge Rovers (11.30); Bunclody v. St. Joseph's (11.30).

Premier Division (11.30): North End United v. Moyne Rangers; Ajax Athletic v. Curracloe United; Gorey Rangers v. Shamrock Rovers; New Ross Celtic v. Wexford Bohemians; Ferns United v. Courtown Hibs.

Division 3 (11.30): Bree United v. Moyne Rangers.

Division 3A (1.30): Bunclody v. Rosbercon.


Wexford Youth Cup first round: Rathnure 1, St. Joseph's 2 (AET); Rosslare Strand 0, Courtown Hibs 7; North End United 3, New Ross Celtic 2; Glynn Barntown 5, Fethard Rangers 0; Cloughbawn 1, Shamrock Rovers 2; Shelburne 3, Corach Ramblers 4 (AET); St. Cormac's 4, St. Leonards 0; Camolin Celtic 0, Gorey Rangers 2; Rosslare Rangers 3, Adamstown 4; Bridge Rovers 9, Gorey Celtic 2; Bree United 7, Wexford Bohemians 1; Campile United 8, Forth Celtic 'B' 0; Killenagh Wanderers v. New Ross Town (off); Moyne Rangers 4, Wexford Celtic 3; Forth Celtic 4, Oylegate United 4 (Forth won 5-3 on penalties); Duncannon 1, Bunclody 5.


SUN. JAN. 12

Premier Division: North End United v. Adamstown (11.00); Tramore F.C. v. Ferns United (11.30); Cloughbawn v. Benfica (11.00); Seaview United v. Coolgreany Celtic (11.30).

Division 1: Cloughbawn 'B' v. Killenagh Wanderers (1.00); Corach Ramblers v. Courtown Hibs (1.00); Kilmore United v. St. Joseph's (11.00); Glen Celtic v. New Ross Town (1.00).

Division 2A: Camolin Celtic v. Tombrack United (2.00); Forth Celtic v. Shillelagh United (11.30); Taghmon United v. Rosslare Rangers (11.00); Castledockrell United v. Bunclody A.F.C. (11.00).

Division 2B (11.00): Fastnet Rovers v. Crossabeg A.F.C.; St. Leonards v. Moyne Rangers; Rosslare Strand v. Bree United.

WOMEN'S CUP DRAWS Wexford Women's Cup first round: Fastnet Rovers v. Seaview United; Cushinstown A.F.C. v. Forth Celtic; New Ross Town v. Cloughbawn; Courtown Hibs v. Ferns United; Tramore F.C. v. Glen Celtic; Bree United v. Adamstown; Benfica v. Taghmon United; Castledockrell United v .North End United; Killenagh Wanderers v. Rosslare Rangers; Shillelagh United v. Rosslare Strand; Tombrack United v. Camolin Celtic; Moyne Rangers v. Cloughbawn 'B'; Kilmore United v. St. Leonards. Byes: Coolgreaney Celtic, Corach Ramblers, St. Joseph's. First round matches to be played Sunday, January 19.


Under-12 Division 2A: New Ross Town 6, North End United 0; Shelburne 4, Bridge Rovers 0.

Under-12 Division 2B: Adamstown 2, Tombrack United 4.

Under-16 Division 1: St. Joseph's 1, Cloughbawn 7; Bree United 3, Seaview United 1.

Under-16 Division 2: All Blacks 1, Bridge Rovers 1.


SAT. JAN. 11

Under-10 Premier Division: Ballindaggin v. Kilmore United; Campile United v. Bunclody A.F.C.; Courtown Hibs v. Curracloe United.

Under-10 North Division: Tombrack United v. Killenagh Wanderers; Moyne Rangers v. St. Cormac's.

Under-10 East Division: All Blacks v. Rosslare Rangers; Wexford Celtic v. Taghmon United; Wexford Youths v. Bridge Rovers.

Under-10 South West Division: Adamstown v. St. Leonards; Corach Ramblers v. Seaview United; Cloughbawn A.F.C. v. New Ross Town.

Under-14 Premier Division: Moyne Rangers v. Ballindaggin; Cloughbawn A.F.C. v. Curracloe United.

Under-14 Division 1: St. Leonards v. Seaview United; Gorey Rangers v. Bridge Rovers.

Under-14 Division 2A: North End United v. All Blacks; Wexford Celtic v. Courtown Hibs.

Under-14 Division 2B: Adamstown v. New Ross Town; Gorey Celtic v. Cloughbawn A.F.C. 'B'.

Under-18 League: Ballindaggin v. St. Joseph's; Curracloe United v. Seaview United; North End United v. Killenagh Wanderers.


Under-10 Cup first round: Cloughbawn v. Seaview United; St. Cormac's v. Taghmon United; Courtown Hibs v. Adamstown; Tombrack United v. Wexford Youths; All Blacks v. New Ross Town; Kilmore United v. Curracloe United; Moyne Rangers v. Rosslare Rangers (all other teams have byes to second round). First round matches to be played Saturday, January 25.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Under-12 Cup first round: North End United v. Kilmore United; Seaview United v. Curracloe United; All Blacks v. New Ross Town 'B'; St. Joseph's v. Wexford Celtic; Camolin Celtic v. Bridge Rovers; Cloughbawn v. St. Joseph's 'B'; Adamstown v. Tombrack United; Bunclody A.F.C. v. St. Leonards 'B'; Moyne Rangers v. Wexford Youths; Courtown Hibs v. Forth Celtic; New Ross Town v. Shelburne 'B'; St. Leonards v. Gorey Celtic; Killenagh Wanderers v. Shelburne; Corach Ramblers v. Rosslare Rangers (all other teams have byes to second round). First round matches to be played Saturday, February 1.

Under-14 Cup first round: Bridge Rovers v. North End United; Bunclody A.F.C. v. Curracloe United.

Under-14 Cup second round: Gorey Celtic v. Gorey Rangers; Bridge Rovers or North End United v. Wexford Celtic; Courtown Hibs v. Tombrack United; St. Leonards v. Cloughbawn; Adamstown v. Kilmore United; New Ross Town v. Bunclody A.F.C. or Curracloe United; All Blacks v. Moyne Rangers; Seaview United v. Ballindaggin. First and second round matches to be played Saturday, January 25.

Ger Dunne Under-16 Cup first round: Bree United v. Moyne Rangers; Tombrack United v. St. Joseph's; Cloughbawn v. All Blacks; Wexford Celtic v. Arklow Town; Campile United v. Curracloe United (all other teams have byes to second round). First round matches to be played Saturday, February 1.

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