Top fare in Junior tennis tests

WEXFORD HARBOUR Boat & Tennis Club recently hosted its annual Junior tennis club championships, starting on July 30 and concluding on finals day, August 3.

There was a great entry with 87 players competing in 16 different categories in what turned out to be very enjoyable and competitive tournament.

The club is now hosting its annual Junior open until August 18.

Under-10 boys' singles: 1, Lochlann MacCormack; 2, Cillian Boggan; 3, James Ward.

Under-10 girls' singles: 1, Alibeth Moran-Curran; 2, Catie Byrne; 3, Beth Byrne.

Under-12 boys' singles: 1, Michael Moran-Curran; 2, Matthew McRedmond; 3-4, Liam Berry, Richie Browne.

Under-12 girls' singles: 1, Sarah McRedmond; 2, Zoe Jenkins; 3-4, Molly Byrne, Lara O'Shea.

Under-14 mixed doubles: 1, Rory Ward and Sarah McRedmond; 2, Dylan Lyne and Eva Arthur; 3-4, Leon Murphy and Zoe Jenkins, Michael MoranCurran and Alibeth Moran-Curran.

Under-14 boys' singles: 1, Barry O'Connor; 2, Luke Corish; 3-4, Dylan Lyne, Adam Wogan.

Under-14 boys' doubles: 1, Liam Berry and Michael Moran-Curran; 2, Matthew McRedmond and Rory Ward; 3-4, Jamie O'Shea and Adam Wogan, Dylan Lyne and Kealan MacCormack.

Under-14 girls' doubles: 1, Sarah McRedmond and Alibeth Moran-Curran; 2, Molly Byrne and Zoe Jenkins; 3-4, Eva Arthur and Aislinn Hickey, Orla Neiland and Lara O'Shea.

Under-16 boys' singles: 1, Barry O'Connor; 2, Peter O'Shea; 3-4, Philip Bowe and Warren Beale.

Under-16 girls' singles: 1, Caoimhe Cotter; 2, Eithne Nolan; 3-4, Eva Arthur and Alice Mahon.

Under-18 mixed doubles: 1, Stephen Murphy and Ruth Sinnott; 2, Tiernan O'Connor and Emma Bursnell-Mooney; 3-4, Mark O'Donovan and Aoife Lynott, Barry Murphy and Claire Sinnott.

Under-18 boys' singles: 1, Shane Jenkins; 2, Warren Beale; 3-4, David Gormley and Tom Hudson.

Under-18 boys' doubles: 1, Tom Hudson and Shane Jenkins; 2, Stephen Murphy and Neal Rossiter; 3-4, Barry Murphy and Tiernan O'Connor, David Gormley and Alex Maher.

Under-18 girls' singles: 1, Eithne Nolan; 2, Caoimhe Cotter; 3-4, Emma Bursnell-Mooney and Ruth Sinnott.

Under-18 girls' doubles: 1, Emma BursnellMooney and Caoimhe Cotter; 2, Claire Sinnott and Ruth Sinnott; 3-4, Emma Browne and Aisling O'Donovan, Aoife Lynott and Fiona Murphy.

The Sylvester O'Brien Cups for best sportsman and best sportswoman were awarded to Daniel Murphy and Zoe Jenkins respectively, two most deserving recipients.