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Work on meters turns water brown

maria pepper

Published 26/11/2013 | 05:42

Declan Roche, Whiterock Drive, with a bottle of the dirty water and a sample he is considering bringing to the EPA for testing.

Residents in a Wexford housing estate didn't expect the water in their taps to turn brown when water meter installers arrived in the area.

That's what happened at Whiterock Drive in Whitebrook last week.

Householder Declan Roche said water service contractors came on Tuesday to dig holes for the meters.

On Wednesday when he turned on the tap, the water was a dirty brown colour.

'We were told a pipe had burst up the line and it affected the whole estate,' said Declan who was concerned for the health of his four-month old baby daughter Kenzie.

'Other residents had the same problem. My wife put it on Facebook and people in other estates posted messages saying they had experienced similar problems,' he said.

'The water in the estate is of such poor quality anyway that we buy bottled water for our daughter's feeds but because of this we were using it to wash her bottles as well.'

Declan said he and his wife Mary had a water softener installed at a cost of €1200 and it costs them €30 to €40 to maintain it with salt tablets.

'I'm not against water meters. I'm all for them but this is not good enough.'

'No-one came to explain what had happened. We were given no reassurance whatsoever.'

'My wife is on the map-alerter service and received no notice that a problem had occurred.'

The water discolouration cleared within a few days but Declan said he is still wary about using it.

'You don't know what's seeped into the pipe. It could be Ecoli. I'm thinking of bringing a sample to the EPA to get it tested.'

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