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Water meter protest in 'The Chase'

Maria Pepper

Published 12/11/2013 | 05:42

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Protesters against the introduction of water meters air their grievances to a supervisor from Irish Water in The Chase.

MEMBERS of the Wexford Campaign Against Water Tax and People Before Profit Alliance staged a protest in The Chase as water meter installers moved into the estate last week.

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Secretary of the Wexford anti-water charge campaign Noreen Kennedy is a resident of The Chase and has refused to allow a meter to be installed outside her house.

She parked her car in front of her property to stop installers from gaining access.

Among those taking part in the protest was local election contender Deirdre Wadding who is standing as a People Before Profit Alliance candidate.

She said the campaign is opposed to water meters on both environmental and taxation grounds.

'This is an unjust tax, a double tax which is being imposed while ignoring the fact that water leakage is not being addressed and water quality and supply are inadequate due to an outdated system,' she said.

Protestors are also concerned about the potential health risks from the 'smart meters' being installed which give off electro-magnetic frequencies, she said.

'There is a lot of worldwide evidence of a health risk from these digital-based meters,' said Deirdre.

'There is another option. There is a free-flow meter which is based on an analogue system.'

Campaigners spoke to water meter installers who agreed to briefly halt their work while protestors knocked on doors to inform residents about the type of meter being installed outside their homes.

'We feel that the public should at least be informed of the potential risks. Many people don't know about them,' said Deirdre.

A supervisor with Irish Water met the protesters and listened as they argued in favour of people being allowed to have a choice of meter.

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