Wednesday 22 October 2014

Dunnes manager: 'I know who won'

David Tucker

Published 21/01/2014 | 05:42

Staff members Ger Doyle, Jacinta Allen and Natasha O’Leary at Dunnes Stores, Redmond Square, where the winning ticket was bought.

While the identity of Wexford's newest Lotto jackpot winner remains a mystery to most, a spokesperson at Dunnes Stores - where the winning ticket was bought - said yesterday (Monday) that she knows who it is.

However, all that Natasha O'Leary, the HR manager at Redmond Square, would say was that it was a single person, rather than a syndicate, who spent €20 on the ticket that won a €588,144 share of the €3,528,865 jackpot. She would not even reveal if it was a man or a woman, pointing out that the person wishes to remain completely anonymous.

'That person is absolutely delighted as are we in the store, staff, management and customers. It's great news for the store and the person who won it,' she added.

Five other people around the country also matched the same numbers, and in what could be an explanation for how popular that combination turned out to be, National Lottery HQ yesterday pointed out that the sequence played by Saturday's six jackpot winners forms a pattern on the playslip, of either a number One or a Number Seven.

In addition to the Wexford winner, the other five winning tickets were sold in Dublin, Limerick, Navan, Wicklow and Cork.

The winning numbers were 4, 5, 13, 21, 29, 37 and the bonus was 22.

The odds of one person matching the six numbers are around one in eight million, according to the founder of Peter Lee, and the odds of five others doing the same are understandably much higher.

'There are 45 numbers, and you have to pick the winning six - meaning there are 45 combinations of six to pick,' he said.

'You have a one in 8,145,060 chance of your six numbers coming up. That's just with one set of six numbers. The chances of six people winning the Lotto is about one in 48.5 million.'

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