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North fears that Rovers squad could fall apart without deals

Published 30/10/2012 | 12:48

STRIKER DANNY North fears Sligo Rovers League winning squad could fall apart.

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With a number of players out of contract and attracting interest from other clubs, North is hoping new deals can be done quickly.

"Look at the spine of the team, there are four of five out of contract. To keep a successful team, you need that spine," he declared.

"You'd want the squad to stay together as we could dominate with the players we have. But the players aren't signed and we all know they are talking to other clubs," North said.

He pointed out that a number of players would be unemployed and signing on the dole this week.

"When I signed I was told that was the sort of thing that would not be happening. Now look what's happening. It's not so much a false promise. It's a worry. At the end of the day I know the club wanted to tie players down and at the end of the day they did tie a few of us down. But it's crucial we don't let the spine of the team go," North said.

"If you get offered a two-year contract somewhere, even at a bit less than a one-year, nine times out of ten you will take the two-year because you've got that security of the extra year," he added.

"You look at the team we've got, the players we've got and how things are going. You would want it to stick together and do it for years. We could dominate with the players we have got, but players are talking to other clubs. Obviously, they are doing the business and so should we," North said.

The former St. Patrick's Athletic frontman says winning the title makes up for the disappointment of the injury which ruled him out of action since July.

"At the end of the day we are league champions. It's what I signed for. It's what I came to Ireland for to be honest. It didn't happen with St. Pat's unfortunately, but I've come to Sligo and it's happened," North said.

While he was on fire in terms of his goal scoring exploits in the early part of the season, the ex Grimbsy man acknowleged that other players stepped up to the mark when required.

"Everyone stepped up and we won the league with two games to spare. Team spirit was the key to it. You couldn't believe how close everyone is and how well everyone gets on. I've never seen anything like it at any club. It's just something special here," North maintained.

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