Showjumping honour for Frank McGarry

Published 22/09/2004 | 00:11

Sligo Showjumper Frank McGarry honoured by the Royal Dublin Society at the Horse Show from 4th - 8th August 2004 in grateful appreciation for his involvement with the R.D.S. for over 50 years.

FRANK McGARRY was a founder member of the showjumping Association of Ireland, and founder of the Connaught Region of same. He was 13 years leading showjumping of Ireland from 1959-1972 and one Horse had 513 wins in his life.

He was a member of Board na gCapaill for 10 years and was Chairman of the Marketing division of Bord na gCapaill.

During that time he had many credits to his name, he was chairman of Connaught region of the S.J.A.I. for sixteen years. He was an international selector for eighteen years.

He acted as Chef Equipe to the Irish Civilian Showjumping Team on numerous occasions. He was Sligo Man of the Year 1974 and received the Hall of Fame in 1979.

He had been judging both classes and jumping since the sixties.

Frank started his International Judging in Portugal in 1964. He as acted as International judge in Spain, Portugal, Italy and USA and the RDS for many years. He has acted as judge for the RDS both National and International for many years.

The Sligoman was Instrumental in bringing about a 32-county civilian showjumping team in the early sixties for the S.J.A.I.

He was a founder member of the Slgio Harriers Hunt Club and was Master for 16 years with Jau Prins.

Fran, built the Sligo Riding Centre in 1972 and it was the first large indoor school of its time.

His last contribution was the ticket system which has been a great success for the S.J.A.I. and the competitor alike.

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