Sunday 25 September 2016

Legislative void exists on abortion 

PEOPLE SOMETIMES feel that politics is removed from the lives of ordinary people. Try telling that the Savita Halappanavar's grieving husband. Savita's tragic death is directly linked to political cowardice. In the 20 years between the X Case each successive administration, this government included, has failed to fill the legislative void. Two years ago the European Court of Human Rights criticised the government for leaving the courts with a lack of clarity on legal abortion. Just last April Deputy Clare Daly again brought the legislative deficit before the...

Should Christmas advertising be banned until December? 

EMMA GALLAGHER ANTHONY HYLAND "Yes, it is a way too early. Television ads are on now and the whole thing takes away from the meaning of Christmas." ANDREA KENNEDY "Some ads have been on since the end of September, it's ridiculous. You are sick of looking at it by the time Christmas comes around." MATTIE WALLACE "Yes, it's too soon after Halloween. Everything in this country is too commercially driven." NATTHORADOL THAMMATHACHSIRIKUL "November is too early for...