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Women have edge in third level stakes


Published 27/11/2012 | 10:41

Fifty nine per cent of third level graduates in Sligo are female.
Fifty nine per cent of third level graduates in Sligo are female.

THIRTY PERCENT of people in Sligo have a third level qualification.

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That's according to the latest figures from the Census 2011 results.

They show that in April, 2011, 30 per cent of people aged 13 and over in the county had a third level qualification.

This compares of a figure of 31 per cent for the State as a whole.

Of those in Sligo with a third level qualification, 24 per cent were college graduates.

Twenty percent of all men aged 15 and over, who had ceased fulltime education, were third level graduates.

This compares to 29 per cent of women.

Of the total number of graduates – 9,949 – in April, 2011, 4,067, or 41 per cent were male, while 5,882 (59%) were female.

A total of 260 people aged 15 and over who had completed their education held a Doctorate (Ph.D.) level qualification.

There were 4,859 people who had completed their full- time education before the age of 16 – representing 11 per cent.

The social sciences, business and law category were by far the most popular field of study among those with post-secondary school qualifications in the county in 2011, with 3,984 holding a qualification in this area.

Sligo is also a good Irish speaking county.

Census figures show that a total of 26,211 people, accounting for 42 percent of the population, aged three and over, indicated they could speak Irish.

This compares to 41 percent nationally. There were 665 people in Sligo speaking Irish on a daily basis outside the education system in April, 2011.

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