Thursday 27 July 2017

'We will accept it in memory of 29 killed'

Traffic on the Drumfin Cross on the N4 Sligo to Dublin road
Traffic on the Drumfin Cross on the N4 Sligo to Dublin road

THE N4 Action group consists of 12 local people who all share a common goal – to have a safer road for commuters in their area. They have seen too many accidents over the years.

They say that people deserve more for a National Primary route – a road that links Donegal to Dublin.

Bernard Mulhern, PRO said: "We're not in the business of awards, but it is nice to be nominated.

"We'll go to Farmleigh House to accept it in memory of the 29 people who have been killed on this road, and those who have been injured.

"Commuters deserve better, the N4 goes from Donegal to Dublin and this part from Castlebaldwin to Doorla is the worst.

"In fact a coroner described it as the most deadliest road in Ireland."

In October 2010 the group which is completely self-funded, decided to warn motorists about the road's dangers.

"We put up 29 crosses, for the 29 lives lost, it was a group idea as we believed that the dangers needed to be highlighted to commuters.

"The reaction has been really good, many drivers have slowed down after they saw the crosses.

"We put up the crosses mostly near areas where people have been killed, after getting families' permissions."

He said that the group has been working closely with Sligo County Council, the NRA and local Gardaí, who have been doing regular speed checks.

"We made the crosses ourselves and erected them at 6.30 one Saturday morning.

"It was decided to also make them reflective, so that motorists could see them at night."

Since the white crosses, pictured left, have gone up, there have been no lives lost on the road.

Progress has also been seen in improving sight lines, dips, bends, hedges and the removal of large trees at Drumfin Cross.

Junction signs at McLoughlin's Cross have also been upgraded.

"We're looking at a reduction in speed limits as well. But our main aim is a new road. Just last Tuesday night, a lorry went off the road, where the road is particularly narrow, thankfully nobody was hurt."

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