Time takes a toll on Cathedral clock

Harry Keaney

Published 20/05/2014 | 05:40

Rafal Malec, Cathedral of Immaculate Conception maintenance staff and Fr Tom Hever holding the hour hand of the Cathedral clock.

TIME takes its toll. Even on the Cathedral clock.

Last Saturday afternoon, amid strong wind, the hour hand on the clock snapped off. It then became lodged on a ledge on the Cathedral clock tower.

St Mary's parish Administrator Canon Tom Hever said: "Thank God it didn't fall on the ground.

"It fell onto a ledge of the roof. "We were able to retrieve it."

Asked where the hand was now, Canon Hever said; "It's sitting here on my desk."

The broken part is about two-foot long and made of copper.

Canon Hever said he had no idea how much it would cost to fix or replace the hand.

He added: "I will have to enquire. I do not even know who we will go to."

There are three faces on the cathedral clock.

The one on which the hand fell off faces toward the Gillooly Hall.

The broken hand was noticed by James Derwin, who does voluntary work at the cathedral.

He said: "I saw it when I came out of the cathedral.

"I looked up to see what time it was.

"The hand was hanging on at the time and swinging in the wind.

"I knew it was going to fall.

"Next thing it dropped into a ledge underneath the clock."

Both Canon Hever and James were thankful no one was injured by the falling hand.

James added: "There were confessions that day and there were a lot of people walking beneath.

"If it was a Sunday there would have been Holy Communion and there would be hundred of people underneath."

Later, James and a council worker climbed up inside the clock tower and retrieved the hand

James said: "We found a window that was open and we fished it out.

"The council worker was holding onto me."

James felt the incident was historic.

"We were handling something that wasn't handled for years," he said.

Whether the incident is a timely occurrence is disputed!

It came days after the appointment of a new bishop was announced.

As they say, even time itself doesn't stand still!

Sligo Champion

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