Wednesday 26 July 2017

Tel Aviv to Sligo for online student Yoni

FROM TEL Aviv to Ballinode, Yoni Novick studied at IT Sligo for two years-from his home in Israel.

On Thursday last, Yoni graduated with a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering Degree(Honours) as one of a number of online students.

While he came to Sligo to carry out laboratory work in a controlled environment and for exams, the remainder of his course was conducted by computer.

Yoni's wife, Dani, travelled from their home in Rehovot, a suburb of Tel Aviv, for the Conferring Ceremony.

There are thousands of online students at IT Sligo.

Yoni said: "I was looking for a programme which fitted my life schedule, googled IT Sligo and found exactly what I wanted."

Yoni has now started teaching electronic engineering and lecturing fulltime in the ORT Engineering College in Rehovot.

He said: "It's all down to my wonderful association with It Sligo."

"It is a time in my life I will never forget. To attend the conferring ceremony was something very special for my wife and I."

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