Sunday 23 July 2017

Statue find halts demolition works


■ Demolishing of Doorly Park maisonettes yesterday, (Monday).
■ Demolishing of Doorly Park maisonettes yesterday, (Monday).


THE DISCOVERY of two statues and a crucifix in an attic temporarily halted demolition of maisonettes at Doorly Park last week.

Workmen called local St. Anne's priest, Fr. Dominick Gillooly after the find on Wednesday.

He went to the house and examined the box of religious relics.

He took the items which will go on display in the church after being cleaned up.

He said the crucifix was broken but that an effort would be made to repair this.

Fr. Gillooly would not elaborate on reports that a letter had been found in the box asking that the statues not be touched.

Demolition of the houses, which were built in the 1950's, has been underway for a couple of weeks.

The 28 maisonette homes, located between Doorly Park and Cleveragh Business Park had fallen into disrepair and the Borough Council gave the go ahead for demolition last summer.

This came after nearby residents accepted assurances from the Council on a range of concerns, including disposal of asbestos, traffic management and pest control.

Local residents had been concerned about the impact of the demolition work in one of the most scenic areas of town, particularly when it was confirmed that asbestos- containing materials had been identified in the derelict houses.

Council officials assured residents that asbestos found in floor tiles, tile glue and bathroom fittings, including toilet cisterns and toilet bowls, would be transported off-site to a licensed waste disposal depot before demolition of the 28 maisonettes would begin.

Residents remained concerned about the future use of the site once the demolition is completed.

It is understood however that the Council has given assurances that the site will be grassed and maintained, with a green metal site boundary fence, CCTV and floodlighting.

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