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Sásta proves a fitness hit



Published 20/11/2012 | 10:25

Lisa McLoughlin inside the Sásta pod with proprietors Lisa Garvin and Joanne Cullen.
Lisa McLoughlin inside the Sásta pod with proprietors Lisa Garvin and Joanne Cullen.

THEY BUCKED the recessionary trend and set up a new business to tackle weight problems head on.

Sligo sisters Lisa Garvin and Joanne Cullen decided to join forces by establishing the first Sásta facility in the town.

It's been two years since they opened their doors in Custom House, Lower Quay Street and the duo have learned how the sometimes overwhelming aspects of 'going it alone' have since paid off. Their innovative way to exercise is proving popular - from people wanting to lose weight, keep toned, improve muscle strength and general well-being.

Lisa explained: "Joanne and I were both employed but we wanted to try something for ourselves.

"We had no background in fitness prior to this and fully trained with courses, such as one with Pat Henry in Dublin, who has links to Operation Transformation." Their spacious, modern premises - by interior designer Neville Knott - is not your usual gym or fitness centre.

"How Sásta works is by offering clients a package that includes use of machines, weigh-ins, nutritional pack, meal plans, food diaries, body scultping dvd - basically everything they require for a weight loss and fitness programme. "We are an Irish company and our fitness pods are made by a local company in Boyle," Lisa pointed out.

The fitness pod is based around three elements, speed, volume and elevation; this is achieved using a treadmill based fitness pod that utilises vacuum technology.

Lisa added: "Our clients include people who want to lose weight, maintain their fitness and we also get people coming to us following operations, such as hip operations and car accidents.

"The vacuum pod builds up their lower body strength."

The machine also tackles cellulite removal, thread veins and helps tone the body.

Lisa said that their clients range from aged16 to those in their seventies.

"One man recently underwent a hip replacement and he is flying it now."

She added that reaction to Sásta has been 'fantastic'.

One pleased customer is Lisa McLoughlin, a busy mum of two, who lost almost four stone on the programme. She said: "My high blood pressure is no more, and I am now able to run with my kids." Sásta offers a package, priced at €195. This includes: 13 sessions on the fitness pod ( 30 minutes each), a 30 minute consultation, in-depth weigh ins (looking at fat, water and muscle percentages), bmi and bmr readings, a welcome pack with meal plans, food diary, body sculpting programme and body sculpting dvd by a nutritionist.

If you want to tone up before Christmas, Sásta are giving clients two gifts (including Karl Henry's Real Results book) if they sign up before December 31st.

Contact 0863791850 or email Opening hours: Mon-Fri (6.30am- 8.00pm) and Sat (9am-12pm).

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