Roadworks cause Sligo traffic chaos

Paul Deering

Published 17/06/2014 | 05:40

Long queues at Connaughton Road caused by the water main works at Bridge Street

SLIGO came to a complete gridlock one evening last week due to road works.

As our pictures show, queues also built up on all approach roads to the city as a result of work at the junction of The Mall/Bridge Street.

Water main repair work was being undertaken by the County Council at the junction on Tuesday evening. It resulted in a lane closure on Lake Isle Road and Bridge Street.

Long tail backs quickly formed in the city centre with build up also taking place along The Mall, Connaughton Road, Ash Lane and Hughes Bridge.

Many drivers frustrated with the long delays performed u-turns to try other routes but found themselves caught up in traffic again.

Congestion eased on both evenings around 6.30pm having built up from 5pm. The Council, which was carrying out the work on behalf of Irish Water, has apologised for the inconvenience.

Work at the same junction in the lead up to last Christmas also caused major traffic delays.

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