Wednesday 24 May 2017

Pepper spray had to be used during arrest


A GARDA was forced to use pepper spray and call for a lot of assistance in order to restrain a man in what was described as "a prolonged violent episode", Sligo Court heard.

Garda Gerard Dillon said Simon Mcginley, Rathbraughan Park, had become very agressive when asked to leave the area after the Garda had responded to a domestic situation on February 7th last.

"It was all my fault," Mcginley said as he pleaded.

Judge Kevin Kilrane was informed that Mcginley had a number of previous convictions, including three for assault and for one of which he was given a threeyear suspended sentence at Sligo Circuit Court. Ms. Laura Spellman, solicitor, defending, said Mcginley "held his hands up". He was a father of a five month old baby and was asking the court for mercy.

Judge Kilrane remanded Mcginley in custody for a week to decide what he would do with him, describing the defendant as a violent man involved in an extremely violent situation in which pepper spray was used and a Garda forced to call on extra resources to deal with the matter.

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