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Open all hours no more...

Published 11/06/2013 | 05:40

Yvette Gilmartin pictured outside her shop in Doorly Park which has now closed.
Yvette Gilmartin pictured outside her shop in Doorly Park which has now closed.

THERE's ONE in every community. Or at least there was.

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It's the local shop.

And for more than half a century around Doorly Park, it was Gilmartins'.

Now it's no more, another victim of rising costs and falling spending.

For Yvette Gilmartin, it's been her life, as it was for her parents before.

Her reaction to its closure: "I'm gutted, absolutely gutted. It was over half my life.

"When I came out of school, I went into it. I never imagined it would have closed."

The reason for the closure couldn't be simpler.

"My turnover had decreased and my costs were still the same," she said.

And she pointed out she was also surrounded by multinationals, though she added they were not the cause of her closing.

Yvette's parents, Paddy, and Bernie who died in 2009, opened the shop on May 22nd 1957.

"It was open 56 years to the day. It's been in the family all the time," Yvette said.

Paddy worked as a bus driver while Bernie ran the business.

And it enabled them rear their five children: Ann, Mary, Clive, Yvette and Andrea.

Yvette took it over on December 10th 1990.

She pointed out that its closure would also be a loss to the community.

It was open 12 hours a day and had three part-time staff employed on weekends.

Christmas Day was the only day it closed. Now the shutters have come down for good.

And another old and close-knit community has lost another local service.

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