Mark still 'haunted' by experiences of bullying

Published 06/11/2012 | 17:57

Westlife star Mark Feehily took part in an ISPCC anti-bullying campaign earlier this year after he himself suffered at the hands of bullies while in school.

MARK FEEHILY, the exWestlife star, revealed that he is still ' haunted' at times by the bullying he received at school.

David Coleman, clinical psychologist, interviewed the singer (31) for a new RTE series, Bullyproof.

Mark said: "Some of the more intense moments are still with me, very much, in terms of the physical attacks and stuff like that.

"There were times at school when I got attacked from behind or whatever and there's times when I'd be walking on the street to this day and I'll have flashbacks and have moments of panic attacks.

"If loads of people pick out things about you, whether it's being chubby or whatever, your own image of yourself becomes 'oh I'm just the fat guy in the class' and nobody wants to be the fat guy in the class, let's face it. It just kind of eats away at you."

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