Friday 28 July 2017

'I am still a stranger on the shore'

IN 1983 my first home in Sligo was in Glencar.

We'd take these old walks - now closed to the public- across The Swiss Valley.

When I moved into Sligo town The Arts Festival was on the go.

As far as I knew back then I had no blood relationship with the North West.

A few years here I discovered my grandfather James Slack and grandmother Muddie came from Aclare where he was a sergeant in the old RIC.

The house, now a ruin, is known locally as Slack's Corner.

But the truth is when you live amidst it you learn to take the beauty for granted.

In the old days we could go occasionally to Lissadell house for breakfast, and buy our organic vegetables there. Not any more. But if you step down onto the beach from the house here, you encounter The Serpent's Rock, which is a riddle of corals about 339 million years old, from tropical times, imbedded in limestone.

I am still a stranger on the shore, an outsider, searching for my ancestors.

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