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Heartless thieves steal two swings


Published 22/01/2013 | 15:41

THIEVES have struck at a children's playground, making off with two heavy duty swings, pictured.

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The North Sligo Playground in Grange was only officially opened last September.

It is believed bolt cutters were used to detach the swings from the frames.

At least two people would have been needed to remove the swings.

Fundraising now has to be undertaken to replace the swings.

They were taken late at night last week-end much to the annoyance of locals.

It is believed they were taken to be sold for scrap in the latest type of "metal theft" that has hit the country.

It's thought unlikely that the swings will be offered to householders as they are heavy and would be identifiable.

There had been a campaign in the Grange area for years to find a suitable site for a playground.

One was eventually located in the centre of the village and several fundraising initiatives took place to buy equipment.

The thefts are not covered by insurance and Gardai are investigating.

It is estimated it will cost approximately seven hundred euro to buy replacement swings.

Sponsors may be sought to help defray the cost.

If new swings are got the playground group will have to considering installing CCTV to ensure another theft doesn't occur.

The minimum cost of a system would be around €1,600.

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