Greenway has potential to boost tourism and create employment

Published 15/01/2013 | 10:57

Don Dirrane of the Yeats County Inn, Curry, who is supporting the development of a Greenway on the Western Rail Corridor, points to the old railway track running behind the Yeats County Inn

DON Dirrane of the Yeats County Inn, Curry, says a Greenway on the WRC has the potential to create employment and boost tourism.

He said: "We've seen the great success of the Western Greenway in Mayo and there is no reason why Sligo can't repeat that.

The Curry-based businessman said the people in Westport and Newport benefited greatly by having a cycleway and walkway in their area.

With very little effort, Sligo could do the same.

Don said: "This Greenway could be provided very easily. If people want to bring the railway back at a later stage that could be done too."

He said towns such as Tubbercurry and Charlestown would jump at the opportunity to have a Greenway running through them.

Mr. Dirrane said: "It would also provide a major recreational facility at minimum cost and in a safe environment. It would also lead to job creation. Visitors and tourists would spend money in our area."

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