Wednesday 24 May 2017

Elderly woman restrained by gang in burglary

A DUBLIN gang was behind last week's burglary at a house in Rathcormack during which an elderly woman was restrained and threatened.

The gang, made up of at least four men wearing balaclavas struck around 6pm last Tuesday evening.

In a raid that was well planned, power to the residence was cut by the gang when they arrived.

They then drove through two small wooden electric gates at the entrance to the driveway. They made their way into the house which was occupied by the owner's mother-in-law who is in her mid-70s.

Gardai say she was restrained in a room as the gang searched for cash and jewellery.

It's understood she was threatened a number of times and was warned not to press a panic alarm she was wearing.

When the house owner arrived home from work a short time later he was confronted in the driveway.

The window of his Mercedes car was smashed and he was taken from the vehicle into the house.

The gang wore head torches throughout their time in the house. They left with a small amount of jewellery and cash. Gardai believe the raiders were from Dublin and may have also been behind a burglary at a house on the opposite side of the road last year.

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