Friday 28 July 2017

Couple jet in from New York to catch a glimpse of Van the Man

AS HUNDREDS gathered for the arrival of the man of the moment, Van Morrison, there were two people there who made an exceptional journey to hear the musician.

Kathleen and Joe Kennedy travelled 3,400 miles from their Long Island home to be in the Knocknarae Arena on Sunday night.

Kathleen, a life-long fan, said that once they heard of the special concert, there was no stopping them going.

She said: "I've been a fan for many years.

"We've seen him many times in the States, but this is our first time to see him abroad.

"What makes him special to me is that when he sings, the story he tells, it touches my heart.

"He's such a good artist, and I like the way he talks about growing up in Belfast and the Northern Ireland troubles.

"Whenever he sings, the story is so touching."

The couple were visiting Sligo for the first time and described their three-day trip as "wonderful".

Joe quipped: "I've been to five concerts my entire life... four of them have been to see Van Morrison!"

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