Monday 24 July 2017

AIB pensions: A case study

WHEN Garrett O'Reilly began to start thinking about what he would do when he was finished working, he knew it was time to take a serious look at his retirement plan. He wanted to review all his options, and make sure he had the best possible arrangements in place for his future.

"Well, I was advancing in years", explains Garrett, "and when I was contemplating my retirement arrangements I felt I really needed to look at increasing my pension."

Having banked with AIB for many years both personally and through his firm, Garrett knew them to be both helpful and reliable and had no hesitation in contacting an AIB Financial Adviser to discuss his retirement plans.

"When I met with the AIB Pension Adviser I found the advice was very practical, and very open, it seemed to make sense and fit the criteria that I had for myself," he remembers, "they gave me all the options and then left me to make my own decision, which I liked."

Garrett was impressed by the level of expertise AIB had in the area. "They were very familiar with the brief, they explained how they worked in a straightforward way, the different types of options and the merits of each one and were able to advise me accordingly."

Based on this advice, Garrett made a decision to put a retirement plan in place but that's just the start of his contact with his AIB Pension Adviser.

"I find them really helpful and I can contact them to discuss matters. In fact they always encourage me to keep in touch to discuss the options available and to make sure I'm up to date on everything. I sit down with them at least once a year, primarily towards the end of the financial year to review my plan and to make sure it's on track for the future."

Garrett is confident he made the right decision when he arranged his retirement plan through AIB. "I would have no problem in recommending AIB as a pension adviser."

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