A festive food shopping basket with a difference

Published 25/12/2012 | 14:54

Justine, Oliwia and Slawek Gendola pictured with a carp, which is part of the traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner.

IT'S A Christmas shopping basket with a difference. Sauerkraut, cucumber and fresh or cooked carp.

Polonez on Harmony Hill is packed with customers stocking up on such goods.

Sligo's Polish community is gearing up for the Christmas Eve 'Wigilia' meal.

Supervisor Agnija Ksilandere said: "The Polish Christmas is certainly different. There is a heavy emphasis on the Christmas Eve feast, which can consist of twelve courses."

Agnija says the build-up has been busy.

Among the big sellers are varieties of pickles, pierogi (dumplings of unleavened dough), herring fillets and sernik – a Polish cheesecake. There is also makowiec – a poppy seed pastry.

Agnija said : "Traditionally there is no red meat served so therefore there is a big emphasis on fish.

"Buying usually continues up to Christmas Eve."

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