Monday 25 September 2017

St Attracta's: all the news

CSI Tubercurry

Solving a mock crime scene was part of this interesting experience. Forensic students from IT Sligo helped pupils to unravel the meaning of different evidence found at the "crime scene".

Science exhibition

CERN's "Accelerating Science" exhibition was attended by a group of our TY students in Leisureland, Galway recently. Hadron Colliders and the Big Bang Theory were some of the topics of the day.

The day ended with two hours of 'PureSkills' in Knocknacarra, where indoor sports skills were tested. Matthew Lang and Cian Gilmartin were the highest achievers.

An Triail

Fifth and sixth year pupils are totally engrossed in this drama as they prepare to see it preformed in the Hawk's Well soon.

The Dail

Mrs. McDonnell and Ms. Tighe's CSPE classes accompanied by Mr. Joyce travelled to the Dáil where they observed politics in progress.