Monday 20 October 2014

Wastage serves up food for thought

Harry Keaney

Published 25/03/2014 | 05:40

Water Waste Engineer Hubert Keaney sets up his demonstration to illustrate the average daily water usage in a typical Irish home.

THERE WAS food for thought at a Tidy Towns event in the Sligo Park Hotel last Thursday night.

And it had all to do with the amount of food that's wasted.

Local celebrity chef Joe Shannon served up some stark statistics on the levels of food waste in Ireland.

And this is in both the home and in restaurants.

He referred to the "millions of euros" worth of food wasted in Ireland each year.

And he had a key message for food shoppers.

"Never shop on an empty stomach, or you will buy the whole shop."

The Resource Awareness Information Evening highlighted the benefits of managing household waste properly.

It also focussed on the importance of improving energy-saving habits in the home.

Tidy Towns Chairman Jim Lawlor said: "This is the first time Sligo Tidy Towns has organised an event like this.

"Waste minimisation is now one of the core categories in the National Tidy Towns competition.

"It's vital that our work reflects that."

About 30 exhibitors provided free information and advice on a range of waste and energy-saving topics.

These included: water recycling and reduction, proper bin segregation and composting, sustainable travel, low energy lighting and making the most of food waste.

Several experts delivered entertaining and insightful talks.

There were also contributions from Barna Recycling, the event's main sponsor, Clifford Electrical and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

The daily water usage of appliances in a typical Irish home was illustrated by water waste engineer Hubert Keaney, who's also a Sligo Tidy Towns volunteer.

And for businesses, there was an introduction to some fascinating new office equipment.

This included a new photocopier that can erase ink from paper so the sheet can be used again.

A summary of the key waste reduction and energy-saving tips from the night is available on the Sligo Tidy Towns website

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