Friday 22 September 2017

Prepare your child for a successful future with Kumon

Kumon offers supplementary education for children of all ages.
Kumon offers supplementary education for children of all ages.

HELPING YOUR child improve and enhance their Maths and English skills is high on any parent's list of priorities. Kumon is a study method popular with primary and secondary school pupils in over 45 countries, including Ireland. It is known to deliver great results in Maths and English, and improves a student's study skills across the learning curriculum. It works for all ages and abilities, as the programme is tailored to each student's individual requirements.

For more than 50 years, Kumon has supported students across the globe to develop their learning skills and exceed expectations with its unique worksheet and study centre-based programme.

The Kumon Method can help your child: - Master Maths and English skills with an individualised study plan. - Develop excellent concentration and study habits. - Build lasting confidence and self-belief. - Improve their all-round academic achievement.

Kumon is a long-term study programme and aims not just to prepare children for passing an exam or catching up with schoolwork but also seeks to nurture confident, highly motivated and independent learners. The focus is on supporting longterm learning and ensuring that each child studies at the level that is right for him or her. Kumon students gain lifelong skills that prepare them to meet challenges in school and beyond. The individualised programme complements the Irish school curricula, building the independent study skills required to excel academically.

There are currently more than 4.4 million students benefitting from the Kumon method across the globe.

Classes take place at The Model on The Mall on Wednesdays between 3.30pm and 5.30pm and on Saturdays from 11.00am until 1.00pm. For more information and a Free Assessment, contact Martina on 071 9147085 or email

Come along to our open day on Saturday October 13 in the Model between 1 and 4pm.