Wednesday 29 March 2017

Lose two stone in 10 Weeks!

TIME TO stop the talking and grab this opportunity to lose 2 stone before Christmas! Yes it will all launch on Thursday October the 11th with a talk at Clarion Hotel Sligo at 8pm by David McDonagh, Dietician, Metabolism Expert and Creator of the System 10 Weight Loss plan.

System 10 is totally different to other weight loss plans. It is designed to make weight loss easier and better. It is the only plan that combines the 3 keys – diet, exercise and metabolism correction. You can eat plenty of everyday foods, have some treats, have a social life and yet get amaz ing results!

'Your metabolism is the revolutionary key' says David. 'It is with you 24 hours a day. It is the answer to all you weight loss problems. Many people have metabolism faults that make weight loss very hard for them. When your metabolism is working right you have great energy, burn lots more fat, burn stubborn fat on your stomach, hips and thighs and keep the weight off afterwards!'

System 10 is the answer to middle age fat, slow thyroid fat, pregnancy belly fat, severe overweight and for anyone who has difficulty losing weight. However it is not just about great weight loss but getting a great shape too! Everything in it is designed to make people successful. We include the 3 keys because this is the only way you will burn enough calories to get results week after week!

This is a step by step plan to success with everything planned out for you. We tell you exactly what to eat (with a built in choice!) and exactly how much exercise to do. You get private weekly weigh-ins to track progress and keep you motivated and our superb 'payback tracker' makes sure you stay focussed on exactly what you need to do. You just have to succeed.

There will never be a better opportunity for people to lose weight. If you are ever going to escape your weight, this is the plan for you. We are committed to delivering results. For most people this will probably be their first real weight loss plan. So don't delay, ring and book your place at the talk today . Contact Eithne 0872668758 or Aiden 0874129668 . System 10 Weight Loss Consultant's. However if just can't wait to get started, Aiden & Eithne will be delighted to get you started right way.

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