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Published 16/10/2012|11:01

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6.20 Teleshopping. 8.20 Midday. 9.10 The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin. 10.00 Ireland AM. 1.00 FYI Newsbyte. 1.05 The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 2.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 3.05 The Steve Wilkos Show. 5.05 Better with You. 6.00 FYI. 6.30 Xposé. Entertainment news, with Karen Koster. 7.00 Malcolm in the Middle. 8.00 Without a Trace. 10.00 The Graham Norton Show. With guests Cameron Diaz, Kathy Griffin and Bear Grylls. 11.00 The Cleveland Show. Rallo tries to break up a friend's new romance. 11.30 Tallafornia. Romance blossoms during a party. 12.10 Conan. 1.05 Off Centre. 1.35 Xposé. 1.55-4.55 Teleshopping.


6.00 Best of Oops TV. 7.00 Modern Family. 7.30 The Middle. 8.00 Dog the Bounty Hunter. 9.00 Road Wars. 10.00 NCIS: Los Angeles. 12.00 Stargate SG-1. 2.00 Dog the Bounty Hunter. 3.00 Stargate SG-1. 5.00 Futurama. 6.00 Last Man Standing. Vanessa blames Mike for not being invited to the neighbours' parties. 6.30 Raising Hope. Jimmy pretends he has a girlfriend to make Sabrina jealous. 7.00 The Simpsons. 8.00 The Middle. Part two of two. Axl struggles to pass his English exam. 8.30 Modern Family. Phil and Claire embarrass Haley while dropping her off at college. 9.00 Moone Boy. Martin becomes a tearaway. Last in the series. 9.30 Moone Boy: Behind the Scenes. The making of the sitcom. 10.00 Trollied. Tempers fray when Julie's absence forces Gavin and Lorraine to work together. 10.30 Cop Squad. The work of police officers in Cambridgeshire. 11.30 Road Wars. Police officers combat vehicle crime. 12.30 Dog the Bounty Hunter. 1.30-2.30 Road Wars.


6.00 The Liver Birds. 6.30 Sykes. 7.00 The Brittas Empire. 7.40 The Liver Birds. 8.20 Sykes. 9.00 As Time Goes By. 9.40 dinnerladies. 10.20 Keeping Up Appearances. 11.00 Last of the Summer Wine. 12.20 Open All Hours. 1.00 My Family. 2.20 Only Fools and Horses. 3.00 As Time Goes By. 3.40 dinnerladies. 4.20 Keeping Up Appearances. 5.00 Last of the Summer Wine. 6.20 Open All Hours. 7.00 My Family. 8.20 Only Fools and Horses. 9.00 Men Behaving Badly. 10.20 Rev. 11.00 The Young Ones. 11.45 Harry Enfield and Chums. 12.25 Men Behaving Badly. 1.302.00 Rev.

Sky Living

6.00 Nothing to Declare. 7.00 Maury. 8.00 America's Next Top Model: All-Stars. 9.00 Jerry Springer. 10.00 Nothing to Declare. 11.00 Passport Patrol. 12.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 2.00 Criminal Minds. 4.00 Passport Patrol. 5.00 Nothing to Declare. 7.00 Criminal Minds. 8.00 America's Next Top Model. 9.00 FILM: Big (1988) 10.55 Grey's Anatomy. 11.55 Criminal Minds. 12.55 Bones. 1.50-2.40 Supernatural.

Sky Atlantic

6.00 Star Trek: The Next Generation. 7.00 Star Trek: Voyager. 8.00 ER. 9.00 Star Trek: The Next Generation. 11.00 Star Trek: Voyager. 12.00 ER. 1.00 House. 4.00 Star Trek: Voyager. 5.00 ER. 6.00 House. The doctor lends a hand at the scene of a disaster. 8.00 The Petrol Age. The designs of some of Britain's most famous cars. 9.00 The British. The story of 20th-century Britain. Last in the series. 10.00 Ronna and Beverly. With guests Sue Perkins, Warwick Davis and Will Arnett. Last in the series. 11.00 Flight of the Conchords. Bret and Jemaine are accosted by muggers. 11.35 The British. The story of 20th-century Britain. Last in the series. 12.35 The Wire. 1.50-3.50 The X Files.


6.00 Wildest India. 7.00 Catastrophe. 8.00 Gold Rush. 9.00 World War II in Colour and HD. 10.00 Auction Hunters. 10.30 Auction Kings. 11.00 Sons of Guns. 12.00 Fast 'n' Loud. 1.00 One Car Too Far. 2.00 Greatest Tank Battles. 3.00 World War II in Colour and HD. 4.00 Auction Hunters. 4.30 Auction Kings. 5.00 Sons of Guns. 6.00 Mythbusters. 7.00 Gold Divers: After the Dredge. 8.00 Wheeler Dealers. A Triumph TR6 sports car. 9.00 Battle Castle with Dan Snow. The Chateau Gaillard built in Normandy, France. 10.00 George Cross Heroes. 11.00 Deadliest Catch. 12.00 Battle Castle with Dan Snow. 1.00-2.00 George Cross Heroes.

National Geographic

6.00 Teleshopping. 8.00 Doomsday Preppers. 9.00 Seconds from Disaster. 11.00 Alaska State Troopers. 12.00 Strippers: Cars for Cash. 1.00 Japan's Secret Sub. 2.00 World War II: The Apocalypse. 3.00 Air Crash Investigation. 5.00 Banged Up Abroad. 6.00 Supercars. 7.00 Doomsday Preppers. 8.00 Banged Up Abroad. 9.00 Strippers: Cars for Cash. 10.00 Wicked Tuna. 11.00 Doomsday Preppers. 12.00 Banged Up Abroad. 1.00-2.00 Strippers: Cars for Cash.

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