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Published 27/03/2012 | 12:07

Conor Mccarney of Wexford Youths flies past Eric Neary of Mervue United in their game at Ferrycarrig.


Carlton Millrace Wexford Cup fourth round: St. Leonards 5, St. Joseph's 2; Shamrock Rovers 0, Campile United 1; Bunclody 1, Wexford Celtic 0; New Ross Celtic 2, Raheen United 1; Killenagh 0, Bridge Rovers 2; Moyne Rangers 1, Stoney Rovers 1 (Moyne won 5-4 on pens.); New Ross Celtic B 1, North End 2. Billy Browne Cup semi-final: Rathnure 2, Enniscorthy United B 1. Carlton Millrace Premier Division: Courtown Hibs 1, Ferns United 2; Gorey Rangers 2, Wexford Bohs 2.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 1: Kilmore 2, Rosslare Rangers 2; Duncannon 1, Park Hotspur 3; All Blacks 2, New Ross Town 3; Curracloe United 2, Gorey Celtic 1.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2: Rosslare Strand 0, Cloughbawn 5; Corach Ramblers 2, Shamrock Rovers 1; St. Cormac's 0, Taghmon United 3; Ajax Athletic 1, Enniscorthy United 1; Cushinstown 2, Enniscorthy Town 2.

Division 2A: Fethard Rangers 3, Shelbourne 4; Ferns United 2, Bunclody 2; Gorey Rangers 1, Crossabeg 3; Wexford Bohs 3, North End United 3. Division 3: Orrill United 3, All Blacks 0. Division 3A: Ballagh 3, Ballymurn 2; Curracloe United 6, Adamstown 1; Coolgreany Celtic 0, Camolin Celtic 1; Ballindaggin 6, Courtown Hibs 2.

Division 4: North End United 0, Bridge Rovers 1; Fastnet Rovers 2, Stoney Rovers 1.

Division 4A: Bridge Rovers 0, Caim United 1; Corach Ramblers 0, Rosbercon 1; Gorey Celtic 0, Park Hotspur 4; St. Leonards 5, Rosslare Port 2.

Division 5: Orrill United 6, Camolin Celtic 1; Rathnure 6, Coolgreany Celtic 0; Moyne Rangers 2, Tombrack United 3; Crossabeg 0, Castledockrell 4; Kilmore United 1, Rosbercon 0; Fethard Rangers 2, Cloughbawn 3.


SUNDAY, APRIL 1 Leinster Junior Cup quarter-final (2.00): North End United v. St. Kevin's Boys. Billy Browne Cup semi-final at Ajax (2.00): Killenagh v. Forth Celtic (S. Ryan, J. Doyle, S. Hadley).

Gwyn Jones Cup quarter-final (2.00): Stoney Rovers B v. Corach Ramblers B (B. Fenlon).

Neil O'sullivan Cup quarter-finals (11.00): All Blacks v. Gorey Celtic (M. Comiskey); Moyne Rangers v. Kilmore United (P. Rowlands); Shamrock Rovers B v. Wexford Celtic (N. Boland); Bridge Rovers v. Stoney Rovers (K. Dunne).

Carlton Millrace Premier Division (11.00): New Ross Celtic v. Shamrock Rovers (A. Murphy); Campile United v. Bunclody (D. Donovan); Courtown Hibs v. Gorey Rangers (M. Franklin); Wexford Bohs v. Forth Celtic (N. O'connor).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 1: Rosslare Rangers v. St. Leonards (2.00, M. Hogan); Duncannon v. New Ross Town (11.00, R. Murphy).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2 (11.00): Ajax Athletic v. Cushinstown (D. Gaul); Cloughbawn v. Corach Ramblers (G. Cleary); Enniscorthy Town v. St. Joseph's (B. Martin); Enniscorthy United v. St. Cormac's (J. Kelly).

Division 2A: Fethard Rangers v. Wexford Bohs (11.00, G. Jones); New Ross Celtic v. Ferns United (1.00, F. Sinnott); Tombrack United v. Shelbourne (11.00, G. O'brien); Fastnet Rovers v. Gorey Rangers (11.30, L. Doyle); North End v. Crossabeg (11.00, M. Kelly).

Division 3 (11.00): Rathnure v. Rosslare Rangers (A. Tobin); Crossabeg v. Orrill United (M. Colfer); Wexford Celtic v. Raheen (E. Molloy).

Division 3A (1.00): Enniscorthy United v. Ballagh (C. Murphy); Campile United v. Coolgreany Celtic (R. Dwyer). Division 4 (11.00): Boolavogue United v. North End United (S. Kelly). Division 4A: Caim United v. Rosslare Port (11.00, J. Diskin); St. Cormac's v. Rosbercon (2.00, W. Murphy); Gorey Celtic v. St. Leonards (2.00, B. Murphy); Park Hotspur v. Forth Celtic (11.00, J. Colfer).

Division 5: Coolgreany Celtic v. Fethard Rangers (2.00, J. Wafer); Rathnure v. Tombrack United (1.00, J. Tobin); Ballymurn v. Orrill United (11.00, D. Ennis); Kilmore United v. Moyne Rangers (2.00, A. Foley); Cloughbawn v. Rosbercon (1.00, M. Rellis). WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4 Carlton Millrace Premier Division (6.15): Adamstown v. Campile United (J. O'neill); North End United v. Wexford Bohs (M. Hogan); Shamrock Rovers v. Gorey Rangers (N. O'connor).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 1 (6.15): Moyne Rangers v. Curracloe (M. Franklin); St. Leonards v. Bridge Rovers (D. Donovan); Wexford Celtic v. Park Hotspur (K. Dunne); All Blacks v. Rosslare Rangers (B. Fenlon).

Division 3 (6.15): Killenagh v. Moyne Rangers (J. Fortune); Rathnure v. Orrill United (P. Nolan). Division 3A (6.15): Ballagh v. Curracloe United (S. Vardy). Division 4A (6.15): Shelbourne v. Caim United (R. Murphy). Division 5 (6.15): Tombrack United v. Castledockrell (S. Hadley).


F.A.I. Youth Cup quarter-final: Wexford Youths 1, Mervue 1 (Wexford Youths won 42 on pens.).

Wexford Youth Cup semi-finals: Caim United 0, Curracloe United 3; New Ross Celtic 6, St. Leonards 1.

Premier Division: Shamrock Rovers 2, Wexford Youths 2; Moyne Rangers 3, Cloughbawn 1. Division 1: Forth Celtic 6, St. Joseph's 0; Bridge Rovers 3, Bunclody 4. Division 2: Bree United 5, Ferns United 3; Killenagh 1, Camolin Celtic 5. Division 3: Moyne Rangers v. Tombrack United (off). Division 4: Campile United 3, Stoney Rovers 1; Rosslare Strand 3, Rosbercon 3.


THURSDAY, MARCH 29 Division 1 (6.15): Forth Celtic v. Gorey Celtic (J. Diskin). Division 3 (6.00): Caim United v. Crossabeg (P. Nolan). SATURDAY, MARCH 31 Premier Division (3.00): Wexford Youths v. New Ross Celtic (M. Comiskey). Division 2 (11.00): Ferns United v. Camolin Celtic (M. Hogan). Division 3 (11.00): Moyne Rangers v. Tombrack United (S. Vardy). Division 4 (11.00): Rosslare Strand v. Campile United (D. Donovan); St. Leonards v. All Blacks (R. Dwyer).


Under-12 Division 1: Gorey Rangers 3, North End 1; Wexford Albion 5, Oylegate 0; Moyne Rangers 1, Rosslare Rangers 1; Killenagh 0, Shelbourne 3.

Under-12 Division 1A: Crossabeg 5, All Blacks 1; Courtown 4, Campile 4; Duncannon v. Shamrock Rovers (off); St. Leonards idle.

Under-12 Division 2: Wexford Albion 1, Cloughbawn 6; Tombrack 0, Fethard Rangers 1; Taghmon 8, Curracloe 0; Rosslare Strand 2, Kilmore 2.

Under-12 Division 2A: Newpark United 0, Bunclody 5; Bridge Rovers 2, New Ross Town 1; New Ross Celtic v. Gorey Rangers 2nd (off); St. Cormac's idle.

Under-12 Division 3: Caim 2, Gorey Celtic 3; Ferns 8, Camolin 1; Forth Celtic 8, Bree 1. Under-12 Division 3A: Wexford Celtic 5, Enniscorthy United 2. Under-14 Division 2: Taghmon 4, Stoney Rovers 1. Under-16 Division 1: Courtown 3, Forth Celtic 2; Bunclody 0, North End 6; New Ross Celtic 4, Gorey Rangers 0; Curracloe 1, Moyne Rangers 0.

Under-16 Division 1A: Rosslare Rangers 2, Gorey Celtic 4; Crossabeg 4, Campile 1; Corach Ramblers 1, Shamrock Rovers 1; Ferns v. Wexford Albion (off).

Under-16 Division 2: Bree 0, Rathnure 0; Cloughbawn 5, Adamstown 1; Shelbourne 2, Wexford Celtic 0; St. Leonards idle.

Under-16 Division 2A: Gorey Rangers 2nd 2, St. Joseph's 6; Fethard Rangers 2, Killenagh 1; Rosslare Strand 3, Taghmon 4; Kilmore idle.

Under-16 Division 3: Wexford Albion 0, Crossabeg 2; Oylegate 2, Bridge Rovers 3; Duncannon 0, Moyne Rangers 2nd 1; Tombrack idle.

Under-16 Division 3A: Gorey Celtic 2nd 1, Fastnet Rovers 2; Camolin 5, Caim 1; Moyne Rangers 3rd 1, North End 2nd 3; Forth Celtic 2nd idle.


THURSDAY, MARCH 29 Under-14 Division 3 (6.30): Killenagh v. Caim (D. Herbage). FRIDAY, MARCH 30 Under-12 Division 1 (6.45): Gorey Rangers v. Shelbourne (N. Boland); Rosslare Rangers v. North End (M. Kelly).

Under-12 Division 1A (6.45): Duncannon v. Shamrock Rovers (A. Tobin); All Blacks v. Campile (G. Morris).

Under-12 Division 2 (6.45): Tombrack v. Taghmon (S. Hadley); Fethard Rangers v. Rosslare Strand (E. Molloy). Under-12 Division 3 (6.45): Bree v. Caim (W. Murphy). Under-12 Division 3A (6.45): Wexford Celtic v. St. Joseph's (J. Kelly). Under-16 Division 1 (6.30): Forth Celtic v. North End (M. Comiskey); Moyne Rangers v. Bunclody (K. Dunne). Under-16 Division 1A (6.30): Corach Ramblers v. Campile (B. Fenlon). Under-16 Division 2 (6.30): St. Leonards v. Bree (J. Tobin); Adamstown v. Shelbourne (M. Rellis); Cloughbawn v. Wexford Celtic (F. Sinnott).

Under-16 Division 2A (6.30): Taghmon v. Fethard (N. O'connor); Killenagh v. Gorey Rangers 2nd (J. Wafer). Under-16 Division 3 (6.30): Wexford Albion v. Oylegate (G. Cleary). Under-16 Division 3A (6.30): Fastnet Rovers v. North End 2nd (R. Dwyer). SATURDAY, MARCH 31 Under-11 Division 1 (11.00): Wexford Albion v. Moyne Rangers (G. Morris); Gorey Rangers v. North End (D. Herbage); New Ross Celtic v. Shelbourne (R. Murphy).

Under-11 Division 1A: St. Leonards v. Courtown (11.00, E. Molloy); Forth Celtic v. St. Cormac's (11.00, M. Colfer); Ferns v. Campile (1.00, K. Dunne).

Under-11 Division 2 (11.00): Bridge Rovers v. Taghmon (A. Foley); Bunclody v. St. Joseph's (M. Kenny); Gorey Celtic v. Shamrock Rovers (G. O'brien).

Under-11 Division 2A (11.00): Rosslare Rangers v. Caim (M. Kelly); Wexford Celtic v. All Blacks (N. O'connor); Fastnet v. Corach (J. Kelly).

Under-11 Division 3: Blackwater v. Tombrack (1.00, A. Foley); Rathnure v. Camolin (11.00, W. Murphy); Enniscorthy Town v. Wexford Albion 2nd (11.00, G. Cleary).

Under-11 Division 3A: Gorey Celtic 2nd v. New Ross Town (12.00, G. O'brien); Stoney Rovers v. New Ross Celtic 2nd (11.00, Y. O'neill); Wexford Albion 3rd v. Gorey Rangers 2nd (12.00, G. Morris).

Under-11 Division 4: Wexford Albion 4th v. Courtown 2nd (1.00, G. Morris); Forth Celtic 2nd v. Gorey Rangers 3rd (12.00, M. Colfer); Moyne Rangers 3rd v. St. Cormac's 2nd (1.00, J. Fortune).

Under-14 Division 1A: New Ross Celtic v. Gorey Rangers (12.00, R. Murphy); Courtown v. Wexford Albion (11.00, B. Murphy); St. Leonards v. Moyne Rangers (12.00, J. Tobin).

Under-14 Division 1A: Shelbourne v. Crossabeg (11.00, F. Sinnott); Ferns v. Gorey Celtic (2.00, K. Dunne); North End v. Forth Celtic (11.00, B. Fenlon).

Under-14 Division 2: All Blacks v. Rosslare Rangers (11.00, D. O'connor); Wexford Celtic v. Taghmon (12.00, N. O'connor); St. Cormac's v. Bree (11.00, J. Doyle). Under-14 Division 2A (11.00): Cloughbawn v. Rosslare Strand (S. Hadley). Under-14 Division 3 (11.00): Fethard v. Camolin (A. Tobin). Under-14 Division 3A (11.00): Newpark v. Wexford Albion 2nd (B. Whelan); Adamstown v. Gorey Rangers 2nd (L. Doyle).

Under-14 Division 4 (2.00): Forth Celtic 2nd v. Wexford Celtic 2nd (D. Gaul); Moyne Rangers 2nd v. Wexford Albion 3rd (J. Fortune); Gorey Celtic 2nd v. St. Leonards 2nd (J. Weafer).

Under-14 Division 4A: Bree 2nd v. Moyne Rangers 3rd (11.00, M. Franklin); Courtown 3rd v. Wexford Albion 5th (12.30, B. Murphy). SUNDAY, APRIL 1 Under-14 Division 2A (1.00): Campile v. Oylegate (TBA). TUESDAY, APRIL 3 Under-12 Division 1 (6.45): Shelbourne v. Moyne Rangers (K. Dunne); North End v. Wexford Albion (G. Morris); Rosslare Rangers v. Oylegate (M. Kelly).

Under-12 Division 1A (6.45): Courtown v. Crossabeg (J. Wafer); All Blacks v. Duncannon (J. Diskin); Campile v. St. Leonards (R. Dwyer).

Under-12 Division 2 (6.45): Taghmon v. Fethard (M. Rellis); Curracloe v. Kilmore (D. O'connor); Cloughbawn v. Tombrack (J. Fortune); Wexford Albion v. Taghmon (D. Gaul). Under-12 Division 2A (6.45): Gorey Rangers 2nd v. Bunclody (B. Whelan). Under-12 Division 3A (6.45): Enniscorthy United v. St. Joseph's (A. Foley); Wexford Celtic v. Enniscorthy Town (L. Doyle). Under-12 Division 3 (6.45): Forth Celtic v. Ferns (M. Colfer). Under-16 Division 1 (6.30): New Ross Celtic v. Bunclody (F. Sinnott); Curracloe v. Forth Celtic (N. O'connor); Gorey Rangers v. Courtown (N. Boland).

Under-16 Division 1A (6.30): Corach Ramblers v. Rosslare Rangers (A. Tobin); Shamrock Rovers v. Ferns (M. Comiskey); Campile v. Wexford Albion (J. Tobin); Crossabeg v. Gorey Celtic (J. Kelly).

Under-16 Division 2 (6.30): St. Leonards v. Adamstown (E. Molloy); Bree v. Wexford Celtic (M. Hogan).

Under-16 Division 2A (6.30): Kilmore v. Fethard (R. Murphy); Killenagh v. St. Joseph's (D. Herbage); Rosslare Strand v. Gorey Rangers 2nd (G. Jones).

Under-16 Division 3 (6.30): Bridge Rovers v. Wexford Albion (B. Fenlon); Moyne Rangers 2nd v. Oylegate (M. Franklin); Duncannon v. Tombrack (Y. O'neill).

Under-16 Division 3A (6.30): Caim v. Camolin (S. Hadley); Fastnet v. Forth Celtic (W. Murphy).


Under-12 Division 3 (6.45): Ferns v. Caim (J. Doyle); Gorey Celtic v. Forth Celtic (G. O'brien).

Under-12 Division 3A (6.45): St. Joseph's v. Wexford Celtic (S. Vardy); Enniscorthy Town v. Enniscorthy United (J. Fortune).


MMI.IE Wexford Cup semi-final: Curracloe United 3 (Laura Corrigan, Cara Mcdonald, own goal), Seaview United 1 (Jane Banville).

Premier Division: Killenagh Wanderers 3 (Sara Donnelan 2, Aisling Carroll), Adamstown 1 (Niamh Kelly).

Division 1A: North End United 5 (Leanne O'reilly 2, Sara Byrne, Danielle Kehoe, Danielle Chin), Enniscorthy Town 0.

Leinster Junior Cup quarter-final: Coolgreany Celtic 2 (Audrey Whitty, Jackie Kinch), Shelbourne 0.

Etchingham Cup final: New Ross Town 4 (Jenny Delaney, Anne Carroll, Lina Smitate 2), All Blacks 1 (Tanya O'brien).

Boland Carpets Cup final: Wexford Celtic 3 (Lorraine Mcmahon 2, Rebecca O'connor), Courtown Hibs 0.


SUNDAY, APRIL 1 Michelle Coleman Cup final (11.00): North End United v. St. Joseph's (in Bunclody). Division 2B Cup final (1.00): Camolin Celtic v. Moyne Rangers (in Bunclody). Premier Division (11.00): St. Cormac's v. Curracloe United. Division 2A promotion play-off (11.30): Fastnet Rovers v. New Ross Celtic (in Rathangan).

Leinster Intermediate Cup quarter-final: Bealnamulla v. Tramore FC.


Under-10 Cup quarter-final: Killenagh Wanderers 1, St. Leonards 2 (AET). Under-10 Premier Division: Fastnet Rovers 1 (Nadine Cunningham), Shelbourne 0; Kilmore United 6 (Kira Bates-crosbie 3, Sophie Boxwell 2, Fiona Kielthy), Curracloe United 1 (Sarah Harding-kenny).

Under-10 Division 1: Campile United 4 (Kate Foley, Lydia Mcgrath, Eadaoin Kent, Michelle Kinsella), Bunclody AFC 2 (Abby Lee Roche 2).

Under-10 Division 2A: Taghmon United 1 (Molly Redican), Corach Ramblers 4 (Shannon Anglim 2, Rebecca Holmes, Aishling Waters).

Under-10 Division 2B: Glen Celtic 8 (Naomi Larrissey 2, Leah Scallan 2, Polly Frost 2, Breanne Sludds), Bridge Rovers 1 (Amy O'connor).

Under-10 Division 3: Tomback United 0, Wexford Celtic 8 (Charlotte Down 4, Aliat Kotun, Sannja Kvecko, Ruth Hendrick, Aisling O'sullivan); Cloughbawn 1, Camolin Celtic 6.

Under-12 Premier Division: Killenagh Wanderers 1 (Kim Burgess), Shelbourne 7 (Eva Boland 3, Hannah Keating 2, Emer Mernagh, Niamh Kehoe); Bunclody AFC 0, Curracloe United 3 (Sarah Siggins 2, Kirsty Fanning); Bree United 1 (Rachel Power), Campile United 0.

Under-12 Division 1: Kilmore United 5 (Amy Cousins 2, Kira Bates-crosbie 2, Emily Bates), Ferns United 0; North End United 2 (Alannah Anglim, Chelsey Pitman), Ballindaggin 2 (Aoife Devereux, Clodagh O'leary).

Under-12 Division 2A: Courtown Hibs 0, St. Leonards 5 (Fiona Ryan 3, Ciara O'connor 2); Gorey Celtic 3 (Amy Wilson 3), Seaview United 0.

Under-12 Division 2B: Bridge Rovers 3 (Rachel Philpott, Niamh Kehoe, Nicola Pierce), Tombrack United 0; Shelbourne B 5 (Ellie Boland 3, Eva Bolans, Maria Kavanagh), New Ross Town 0.

Under-12 Division 3: Cloughbawn 0, Wexford Celtic 3 (Orla Neiland 2, Niamh Tormey); Rathnure United 2 (Katie Tector, Nora Higgins), Rosslare Rangers 0. Leinster Under-14 Cup quarter-final: Shelbourne 1 (Shauna Wall), Enniskerry YC 2. Under-14 Cup quarter-final: Curracloe United 6 (Dearbhla Doyle 3, Fiona Kinsella, Lauren Fitzgerald, Siobhán Doolan), Moyne Rangers 1 (Aoife Mccrea). Under-14 Premier Division: Bree United 1, Forth Celtic 1. Under-14 Division 1: Kilmore United 1 (Becky Furlong), Killenagh Wanderers 4 (Tara Doyle 2, Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Sinéad Gaynor); St. Leonards 5 (Ciara Ryan 4, Muireann Kehoe), Campile United 0.

Under-14 Division 2A: Ballindaggin 7 (Niamh Atkinson 2, Sinéad Nolan 2, Caoimhe Denton, Róisín Brimson, Aoife Hennessy), Bridge Rovers 0; North End United 8 (Natasha Byrne 3, Alannah Harpur, Stacey O'farrell, Chelsey Pitman, Alannah Anglim, Rachel Dempsey), Corach Ramblers 1 (Ellie Diskin).

Under-14 Division 2B: Wexford Celtic 1 (Olivia Middleton), Cloughbawn 0; New Ross Town 1, Camolin Celtic 6.

Leinster Under-16 Cup quarter-final: Curracloe United 5 (Amy Banville 2, Róisín Doolan, Siobhán Doolan, Noeleen Shanahan), Malahide Unitd 1 (Shannon Mcdonnell).

Ger Dunne Under-16 Cup quarter-final: North End United 0, Shelbourne 3 (Mary Tyrrell 2, Shauna Wall). Under-16 Premier Division: Ferns United 9, Kilmore United 3. Under-16 Division 2: Corach Ramblers 2 (Nicole Culleton 2), Tombrack United 7 (Denise Bolger 4, Hayley Browne, Georgina Creane, Mairéad O'rourke); Taghmon United 5 (Ashling Whelan 3, Edwina Whelan, Clare O'gorman), All Blacks 1 (Anita Cullen).

Under-18 League: Ferns United 7 (Leona Breen 3, Hayley Cahill 3, Melissa Cahill), Seaview United 2; St. Cormac's 0, Shelbourne 5 (Gina Foley 2, Mary Tyrrell, Jodi Keane, Siobhán Grant-moorehead).


TUESDAY, MARCH 27 Under-12 Division 2B (5.30): Tombrack United v. Shelbourne B. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28 Under-12 Division 2A (6.15): All Blacks v. Taghmon United. THURSDAY, MARCH 29 Leinster Under-14 Cup quarter-final (6.30): Curracloe United v. Campile United. SATURDAY, MARCH 31 Under-10 Cup semi-finals: St. Leonards v. Ballindaggin; Campile United v. Kilmore United. Under-10 Premier Division: Shelbourne v. Fastnet Rovers. Under-10 Division 2B: Glen Celtic v. Taghmon United. Under-10 Division 3: Camolin Celtic v. Wexford Celtic. Under-14 Cup semi-finals: Curracloe United v. Killenagh Wanderers; Kilmore United v. St. Leonards. Under-14 Premier Division: Shelbourne v. Forth Celtic. Under-14 Division 2A: Moyne Rangers v. Bunclody AFC; North End United v. Ballindaggin; Bridge Rovers v. Corach Ramblers.

Under-14 Division 2B: All Blacks v. Rosslare Rangers; New Ross Town v. Wexford Celtic. Under-18 Cup semi-final: St. Cormac's v. Ferns United. MONDAY, APRIL 2 Under-18 Cup semi-final (6.00): Tombrack United v. Shelbourne United.

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