Tuesday 25 July 2017

Wallace confident of being in Eircom league next season

MICK WALLACE has revealed his optimism that Wexford will compete in the Eircom League for the first time ever next season, having had their official application accepted on Monday night of last week.

However, he stressed that they must now be granted a licence and then a place in the First Division before his dream of bringing Eircom League soccer to the county can be realised.

'Our official application was accepted last week, and if we can get a licence, I am very confident that we will be granted a place in the first division,' he explained on Monday last.

'Looking at the current criteria, we are more qualified than most Eircom League clubs, so I would be very surprised if we don't get our licence. When my complex at Newcastle is fully completed, it will be better than any club in the country has to offer,' he added.

Indeed, Wallace's facilities on edge of the N11, just outside Wexford town, are very impressive. The complex consists of two full-sized playing pitches meeting the UEFA requirements, which is something Wallace is quick to point out that 'many other Eircom League clubs do not currently have'.

'We have changing facilities that are way ahead of the norm, and a small gymnasium, with plans for a bigger one in the pipeline,' he explained. 'I am also planning to build a stand to provide 'x' amount of seating, and while it's not obligatory for the start of next season, plans must be in place to do so,' said Wallace, whose complex also offers one large artificial training area and three five-a-side pitches.

There is also a referee's room, a physio and first aid room, with plans for a recovery room already in place. All things considered, the charismatic county Youths manager feels that the ball is firmly in Wexford's court, and he is expecting a favourable decision early in the new year, with the season set to kick-off in March.

'We have a very good chance of playing Eircom League football next season and have the full support of the Wexford Junior League, which is great,' said Wallace, who confirmed that his team would be made up primarily of Wexford's best young players.

'We should know for certain in early January, or the middle of the month at the latest, as we will need to get preparations up and running if we are accepted.'

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