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Adamstown take third round of Juvenile league on home ground

Published 04/12/2012 | 11:11

Ann Sullivan of D.M.P. received her Wexford Creamery athlete of the month award for August from Neil Murphy of Wexford Creamery (sponsors) and Paddy Morgan (Wexford Athletics Chairman).
Ann Sullivan of D.M.P. received her Wexford Creamery athlete of the month award for August from Neil Murphy of Wexford Creamery (sponsors) and Paddy Morgan (Wexford Athletics Chairman).

STAGE THREE of the Wexford winter league was held under lights in Adamstown on Friday last. There was another great turn-out from all the clubs involved and every night sees more young athletes taking part in the 14 middle distance races.

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Adamstown A.C. hosted the event and again there were some well-deserved chocolates for everyone who crossed the finish line. The host club were the overall winners on Friday, with Adamstown athletes turning out in force.

Stage three results: Adamstown 359, Menapians 409, United Striders 411, S.B.R. 470, Taghmon 481, St. Paul's 517.

Overall points after three stages: Menapians, 1,021; Adamstown, 1,044; United Striders, 1,067; S.B.R., 1,189; Taghmon, 1,246; St. Paul's, 1,355.

As you can see it's very close, with three more meets to come in the new year. Well done again to all the young athletes and good luck in the next three competitions.

Under-8 girls: 1, Sinéad O'Reilly (Menapians); 2, Abbie Carthy-Walsh (Adamstown); 3, Isobel English (Adamstown); 4, Becky Duggan (St. Paul's); 5, Megan Pernagallo (United Striders); 6, Hannah Redmond (S.B.R.); 7, Brídín Doyle (S.B.R.); 8, Ciara Mooney (Adamstown); 9, Isabelle Bawden (United Striders); 10, Katie Doyle (S.B.R.); 11, Orla Byrne (S.B.R.); 12, Orla Roche-Kelly (Taghmon); 13, Amy O'Hagan (St. Paul's); 14, Mia McDonald (Menapians); 15, Tara O'Grady (Menapians); 16, Saoibh Creane (Adamstown); 17, Maeve O'Neill (Adamstown); 18, Róisín Redmond (S.B.R.); 19, Katie Sinnott (Menapians).

Under-8 boys: 1, Sam Norval (Menapians); 2, Myles Howlett (United Striders); 3, Tim Ivers (S.B.R.); 4, Chisty Joss (Menapians); 5, Joe Gilhooly (Menapians); 6, Daniel O'Gorman (Adamstown); 7, Cosmo Holett (United Striders); 8, Tadhg McShane (S.B.R.); 9, Darragh Breen (S.B.R.); 10, David Kirwan (S.B.R.); 11, Billy Walker (Menapians); 12, Ross English (Adamstown); 13, Darragh Hayes (St. Paul's); 14, Ben O'Toole (Taghmon); 15, Michael Harler (Adamstown); 16, Niall Mimnagh (S.B.R.); 17, Eoin Shannon (United Striders); 18, Conn Mernagh (St. Paul's); 19, Finn Kelly (United Striders); 20, Daniel O'Grady (Taghmon); 21, Jim Malone (United Striders); 22, Shea Ryan (St. Paul's); 23, Charlie O'Hagan (St. Paul's); 24, Harry McGuinness (St. Paul's).

Under-9 girls: 1, Ciara Murphy (United Striders); 2, Saoibh Byrne (S.B.R.); 3, Chloe O'Toole (Taghmon); 4, Ciara Maher (St. Paul's); 5, Clara Keane (D.M.P.); 6, Flora Doran (Taghmon); 7, Eimear Halpin (Menapians); 8, Clara Dolan (Menapians); 9, Aoibhinn Mernagh (St. Paul's); 10, Kate Roche (St. Paul's); 11, Orla O'Hanlon (Taghmon); 12, Becky Lowney (Menapians); 13, Alex McGuinness (St. Paul's); 14, Ciara Doherty (Menapians).

Under-9 boys: 1, Darragh Flannelly (United Striders); 2, Aidan Shannon (United Striders); 3, Robert Wall (Adamstown); 4, Ben Wall (Adamstown); 5, Conor Doyle (S.B.R.); 6, Calum McDonald (Menapians); 7, Cathal Doyle (Adamstown); 8, Laurence Power (Adamstown); 9, Darren O'Neill (St. Paul's); 10, Tadhg Hayes (St. Paul's); 11, Jacob Faughian (St. Paul's); 12, Ke Burke Young (Menapians); 13, Jack Corcoran (Menapians).

Under-10 girls: 1, Aisling Kelly (Taghmon); 2, Derbhla O'Hanlon (Taghmon); 3, Daniella Gilshenan (Menapians); 4, Laura Ivers (S.B.R.); 5, Tara Cullinane (Menapians); 6, Edan Mimnagh (S.B.R.); 7, Eve Byrne ( United Striders); 8, Ella English (Adamstown); 9, Niamh Rees (St. Paul's); 10, Róisín O'Neill (Adamstown); 11, Becky Carroll (Menapians); 12, Ciara Rees (St. Paul's); 13, Aoibhinn Creane (Adamstown); 14, Meabh Rogers (United Striders); 15, Anna Ryan (St. Paul's).

Under-10 boys: 1, Joe Byrne (S.B.R.); 2, Dylan Mooney (Menapians); 3, Cormac Byrne (Adamstown); 4, Conor Whelan (Adamstown); 5, Conor Lyons (Menapians); 6, Alan Mahoney (Menapians); 7, Colin Stephenson (Adamstown); 9, Josh Carley; 10, Jack O'Hagan (St. Paul's); 10, Dean GibneyElliott (Gorey); 11, Christopher ByrneYoung (Menapians); 12, Conor Phelan (United Striders); 13, Evan O'Grady (Taghmon); 14, Cameron Dara (Taghmon). Under-11 girls: 1, Rachel Power (Adamstown); 2, Hannah Roche-Kelly (Taghmon); 3, Kate Jackman (Adamstown); 4, Róisín O'Reilly (Menapians); 5, Liadh Dwyer (Menapians); 6, Ciara Walsh (United Striders); 7, Estelle Creane (Adamstown); 8, Phyllis O. Murphy (St. Paul's); 9, Muireann Hore (Taghmon); 10, Claudia Barron.

Under-11 boys: 1, Luke Byrne (Adamstown); 2, Conor Murphy (United Striders); 3, Christopher Mahon (Adamstown); 4, Craig Wall (Adamstown); 5, Tim Gilhooly (Menapians); 6, Cillian Corkery (Menapians); 7, Jamie Peragallo (United Striders); 8, James Hanlon (Taghmon); 9, Ryan Kielthy (United Striders); 10, Cian Flanagan (United Striders); 11, David O'Gorman (Adamstown); 12, Mikey Murphy (United Striders).

Under-12 girls: 1, Rebecca Bawden (United Striders); 2, Gráinne Flannelly (United Striders); 3, Tara Doyle (Adamstown); 4, Grace Kehoe (Enniscorthy); 5, Mairéad Creane (Adamstown); 6, Joanne Kelly (United Striders); 7, Sonia Mooney (Adamstown); 8, Bronagh O'Hanlon (Taghmon); 9, Aisling O'Byrne (United Striders); 10, Blathaid Duignan (Menapians). Note: guest Sarah Doyle (S.L.O.T.) finished in first position.

Under-12 boys: 1, Tomás Aspell (Adamstown); 2, Eoin O'Gorman (Adamstown).

Under-13 girls: 1, Julia Dempsey (Menapians); 2, Katie Murphy (United Striders); 3, Triona Mooney (Adamstown); 4, Aoife Muldoon (Adamstown); 5, Georgia May Murphy (St. Paul's); 6, Ciara Kelly (United Striders). Note: guest Anna Doyle (S.L.O.T.) finished in first position.

Under-13 boys: 1, Pádraic Hore (Taghmon); 2, Conall Clancy (Menapians); 3, William Bolger (S.B.R.); 4, Tomás Breen (S.B.R.); 5, Joseph Hanlon (Taghmon); 6, Aaron Murphy (Taghmon); 7, Jack Hayden (Menapians); 8, Brian O'Gorman (Adamstown).

Under-14 girls: 1, Analise Creane (Adamstown); 2, Hayleigh Bawden (United Striders); 3, Shannon Wall (Adamstown).

Under-14 boys: 1, John Murphy (Menapians); 2, Ryan Carthy-Walsh (Adamstown); 3, Conor O'Gorman (Adamstown).

Under-15 girls: 1, Ellen Keogh (United Striders); 2, Ciara Cullinane (Menapians); 3, Jordan Byrne (Menapians).

Under-15 boys: 1, Jordan Ryan (S.B.R.); 2, Jack Eaton (United Striders); 3, Joe Mooney (Adamstown). Under-16 girls: 1, Lisa Bolger (S.B.R.). Under-16 boys: Daniel Johnston (United Striders).

Under-17 boys: 1, Cathal Byrne (S.B.R.).

Meanwhile, some much-needed funding for athletics in Co. Wexford is on its way, with a small but significant share of the €26 million in sports capital funding announced by Minister Michael Ring

Menapians A.C. have secured €10,000 and Enniscorthy Town Council are receiving €150,000 towards capital developments. Enniscorthy T.C's application was made for the development of a competition-standard track at Cherry Orchard, Enniscorthy, where initial groundworks have already taken place.

This is great news for athletics in Wexford and we eagerly await further details of the funding.

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