Friday 21 July 2017

Four girls shine in Andrews finals

THE MICHAEL Andrews Girl 1-6 boxing finals were held in Newbridge, with four titles brought home to the Model county.

Results: Girl 3 60 kg., Shauna Kearney (Bunclody) beat O. Whelan (Edenderry); Girl 4 50 kg., Lisa Bolger (St. Aidan's) beat K. Tobin (St. Bridget's); Girl 4 66 kg., Saoirse Dignam (St. Aidan's) lost to A. Flynn (South Meath); Youth 1 57 kg., Lauren Kinsella (St. Anthony's/St. Patrick's) beat N. Dunne (G. Cobra); Youth 1 60 kg., Nicole Moorehouse (Sacre Coeur) beat C. O'Neill (Athlone).

The Irish Intermediates are weighing in this Friday morning in Dublin. Best of luck to the Wexford boxers involved.

Wexford league, Saturday, November 17: Boy 1 33 kg., C. McDonald (St. Mary's) beat N. Bolger (St. Aidan's), 3-0; Boy 1 39 kg., R. Kirwan (Sacre Coeur) beat S. Davey (Ryston), referee stopped contest, round three; Boy 1 39 kg., S. Crowley (Arklow) beat K. Dobbs (Ballagh), 3-0; Boy 1 42 kg., B. Adamson (Gorey) beat J. Donnelly (Ryston), 2-1; Boy 1 50 kg., L. O'Connor (Ballagh) beat K. McGrath (St. Mary's), 3-0; Junior 1 57 kg., A. Dobbs (Ballagh) beat J. Marshall (St. Michael's), referee stopped contest; Boy 3 39 kg., M. Kinsella (St. Anthony's/St. Patrick's) beat A. Moody (Ballagh), 3-0; Boy 4 33 kg., C. Jordan (St. Aidan's) beat S. O'Connor (Ryston), 2-1; Boy 4 39 kg., B. Robinson (C.B.S.) beat S. Eager (Grangecon), 3-0; Boy 4 42 kg., C. Turner (Ryston) beat A. McGuire (Na Fianna), 3-0; Boy 4 60 kg., E. O'Neill (Ballagh) beat M. Kehoe (Sacre Coeur), 3-0; Junior 1 54 kg., J. Walker (Ballagh) beat P. McGivney (C.B.S.), 3-0; Under-18 89 kg., S. O'Callaghan (O.L.O.F.) beat L. Donohoe (Ballagh), 2-1; Junior 2 70 kg., S. Greene (C.B.S.) beat J. Redmond (Ballagh), 3-0; Intermediate 57 kg., D. Duffy (Ryston) beat L. Doyle (Gorey), 3-0.

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