Friday 28 July 2017

Vandals damage new €5,000 fence


A €5,000 fence has been vandalised just days after it was erected at Hewittsland.

As part of roadworks to a stretch of road in Hewittsland, Wexford County Council erected a four foot green PVC coated wire fence last Wednesday, however by Monday the fence was split down the middle having been cut using a wire cutter.

It was also damaged in two to three other places.

'Cutting the wire has caused the whole fence to lose its original neat shape, as the straining wires holding up the fence were also cut,' explained Abraham Dunne, A/senior Executive Engineer with Wexford County Council.

'It's an awful waste of taxpayers' money,' he added.

According to Mr. Dunne the fence cost in the region of €5,000 and although it has since been temporarily repaired by the council, it will never be the same.

'It will be impossible to put it back the way it was. It could cost €400 and there is no guarantee it will be left alone,' said Mr. Dunne, adding that the incident has been reported to the Gardai.

The fence was erected as part of road works currently underway in Hewittsland. According to Mr. Dunne the council are widening the stretch of road, have installed a footpath and public lighting and are laying down tarmac on the road.

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