Friday 31 March 2017

Phelan in protest

TULLOGHER TD John Paul Phelan joined the thousands who took to the streets of Waterford on Saturday protesting against the possible downgrading of Waterford Regional Hospital.

The Fine Gael TD was among the crowd of up to 15,000 protesters who hit out against any possible measures that would lessen the status or services available at the hospital.

'I am talking in a vacuum at the moment because I don't know what is in the report yet. There has been nothing specifically spoken about in terms of services at the moment, but I have been trying to put pressure on the Minster and the Government to make sure we don't lose services in Waterford Regional Hospital,' said John Paul. Deputy Phelan said it is 'hard to say' what impact Waterford's proposed linkage with Cork might have.

'It could mean that people might have to travel to Dublin or Cork to access services, we don't know yet exactly. It would have a huge impact on people who are ill having to travel,' said John Paul.

'I am not going to be supporting anything that would see Waterford Regional Hospital lose its acute services and current status,' added the Fine Gael TD.

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