Parish remembers late Fr. McDonald



Published 02/08/2011 | 08:27

■ Fr Bernard Cushen (PP Ramsgrange) and Bishop Denis Brennan unveiling the plaque in Ramsgrange Parish Church.

FORMER PARISH Priest of Ramsgrange Fr. Donald McDonald was strong in the memory of his family and his parishioners on Monday evening as the restored aisle windows in St. James Church were rededicated in his memory.

Bishop Denis Brennan celebrated a Mass of Blessing in the Church of St. James, Ramsgrange, and rededicated the stained glass windows in memory of the late Fr. McDonald who was the Parish Priest of Ramsgrange from September 25, 1993 until his passing on August 2, 2004.

It was through the generosity of Fr. McDonald that the windows were restored last year.

The windows were redesigned with the emblem of St. James, the Patron Saint of the Ramsgrange Parish and on whose feast day the special mass was celebrated, and the emblem of St. Catherine of Alexandria as the Church in Nuke is dedicated to her name.

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